Green Mothers Club Episode 11 Recap: Eun-pyo Puts Her Child First

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 11 is titled The Sins We Did Not Find Out About and has a runtime of 70 minutes.

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– Green Mothers Club episode 11 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: mental health issues –

Green Mothers Club episode 11 starts off with a morose Eun-pyo and her family going to a counselling centre for Dong-seok so that they can help him. However, he seems to be unresponsive and uninterested to take part in anything. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo and the rest of the family are worried sick for him. They talk to the councillors as well, who tell them that Dong-seok, in spite of being extremely gifted, is still a child. His emotional maturity is that of his age although he may be much smarter than his peers. They need to be more sensitive with him since he is also sensitive thanks to his intellect.

green mothers club episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

Eun-pyo suffers from the guilt of potentially being a cause of Dong-seok’s muteness. Waking up from horrible nightmares, Eun-pyo’s guilt consumes her as she rushes into her children’s room to check up on them. Afterwards, she starts to wonder neurotically what could’ve caused him to be like this and Jae-ung looks at his wife with pity and concern. The next morning, she goes to her son’s academies to figure out whether something happened there, but no one is ready to take responsibility for the situation. In fact, most say that jealousy and competitiveness are commonplace with people who are as talented as Dong-seok.

Meanwhile, Chun-hui, too, is in a similar situation and gets to know from different sources that her daughter has started to lie about everything. She confronts her daughter and Yu-bin starts crying and telling her she doesn’t know why she keeps lying. Even though she wants to stop, she can’t. That night, she tries to talk to her husband, but they get into a screaming match because Ju-seok can hardly be termed as an adult, so here we are. Anyway, he goes off to gamble with what little money he has left and Chun-hui tries to pacify her daughter who wonders whether she is going insane.

green mothers club episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

Chun-hui and Eun-pyo find comfort in each other unknowingly that night when the former asks for recommendations for psychiatrists nearby and Eun-pyo replies to her query. When she gets up to drink some water, she finds Dong-seok working on his homework at 3 in the morning. When she tries to ask him what’s going on, he runs away and locks himself in his cupboard. She is shocked to find that he has finished his math homework and the night turns into a crying mess when both her kids start to sob.

The next morning at the psychiatric centre, Eun-pyo learns that Dong-seok is desperately studying not just because of the academy, but because he wants to fulfil his mother’s wish. That he understood her desperation and is doing it to make her happy. Heartbroken, Eun-pyo starts crying when she realises that it’s because of her that her son is now going through so much trouble. Meanwhile, Chun-hui learns that Yu-bin wants approval from everyone and sought it through her grades. When she stopped getting that approval, she started lying to reduce her anxiety.

green mothers club episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

That night, Eun-pyo talks to her son and asks for his forgiveness for not thinking about his happiness. She tells him that that’s the only thing she wants from him – she wants him to be happy and have fun. When she asks him the next day what she can do to put him in a better mood, he says that he wants to meet Henry. Meanwhile, Yun-ju gets in a physical fight with one of the moms when she gets tired of them constantly gossiping about others. It’s glorious, I love her.

Anyway, while talking to their homeroom teacher, Chun-hui gets to know about Dong-seok’s selective mutism and wonders whether she should drop in to say hi. But, before that can happen, she gets a phone call that takes her to see her drug peddler (or something). Anyway, she tells him that she’s not supplying drugs to him anymore and ends it there. That night, Eun-pyo wonders whether she should get in touch with Louis so that their sons can meet.

She eventually does call him and asks him to meet her. At the restaurant, she asks him whether Dong-seok can meet Henry since he won’t answer anyone else. She also apologises for shamelessly asking him for things when he’s already going through such a hard time. However, Louis seems to be unbothered and they catch up on his plans to move to France and end with both of them apologising for all that they said the last time they met. She further wonders why someone as great as Jin-ha would do something like this. It seems like Louis has thoughts about it but doesn’t talk further on the subject with Eun-pyo.

Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

Meanwhile, Yeon-mi’s ex-husband asks her whether Geon-u is hitting their children and, astonishingly, she tries to downplay what she herself knows might be happening in her own home. Either way, her ex threatens her to get her act together because he’s going to go after her if anything happens to them. When she gets off the call, Geon-u tries to threaten and almost hit her but her kids come in in the nick of time and she scrambles out of the house with them.

While at a fast food place, she asks her kids to share with her if anything is going on and they do tell her some very concerning things and Young-mi just tells them that it’s because he’s an artist and sometimes they do that. That night, however, she appears to be in deep thought. The next morning, Jin-ha’s stepmother calls Eun-pyo to her house to discuss things and to let the kids play. It’s a difficult situation because the last time they met, Su-hyeon slapped her.

green mothers club episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

As Dong-seok plays with Henry, Eun-pyo tells Su-hyeon that she was jealous of her daughter because she seemed like she had it all. However, she also did love her best friend and these conflicting feelings made her feel guilty. She clarifies that nothing happened between Louis and her and that it was just a misunderstanding. Su-hyeon tells her that her mere existence was a problem for Jin-ha and then goes into Jin-ha’s past. It’s a sad discussion, one that makes Eun-pyo think back to all the things that she had told Jin-ha as well.

Eun-pyo visits her friend to ask for her forgiveness and that she never really understood her friendship. As she goes back to the classroom, she gives a riveting speech about geniuses, how we treat them and what they go through because of society’s pressure. Later on, as she meets with the psychiatrist, who tells her that she’s done a good job at helping Dong-seok meet Henry, she comes face to face with Chun-hui.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 11

green mothers club episode 11
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 11

Green Mothers Club has taken an absolutely 180 and gone straight into mommy bear mode where we only talk about Dong-seok and how to get him to talk. Now, this is a very important topic to talk about – burnout is real and it’s shameful to make children go through it this early on in their lives. I loved that aspect of it, how they handled it and how Eun-pyo herself struggled with old habits before realising the error in her ways. It’s a process from which everyone learns and cannot be turned on and off with a switch. A+ for that.

That being said, the episode has no hints of thrill. Sure, that one-second skit of watching Yeong-mi wondering whether her husband is a psychotic serial killer and child beater was teasing. But I need more, the audience deserves more! I have an inkling that Chun-hui’s drugs disoriented Jin-ha and she accidentally fell over. I doubt Chun-hui is capable of murder. However! I also have a suspicion that Geon-u has something to do with it? Maybe it’s both! And with 5 episodes left, I need this answer without the rush.

Also, it’s also weird that Chun-hui seems to have mostly disappeared from this episode. I mean, obviously, she’s still there, but her time in this episode is just so small compared to the others. Same with poor Yun-ju. I enjoy watching Chun-hui be the way she is – without her, things just get too slow!

The best part of today’s episode, however, has to be Yun-ju kicking ass. Just so satisfying.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 11 is all about mother bears protecting their cubs and Yun-ju sucker-punching some punks.

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Green Mothers Club episode 11 is all about mother bears protecting their cubs and Yun-ju sucker-punching some punks.Green Mothers Club Episode 11 Recap: Eun-pyo Puts Her Child First