Green Mothers Club episode 10 Recap: Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun Face Consequences

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 10 is titled Wind From the Tip of a Sword and has a runtime of 69 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 10 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: mental health issues and drug use –

Turns out, Yun-ju might have more guts than we were even aware of! As Green Mothers Club episode 10 starts, we watch Yun-ju, having bought shrimp chips, follow Chun-hui who’s out on her drug run. Convinced that she’s out to meet her husband, she follows her to the hotel and bangs on the door, determined to catch her husband red-handed. Once inside, though, she isn’t able to find him and finds herself in an embarrassing situation.

green mothers club episode 10
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 10

 After she is thrown out, Chun-hui gets hell rained on her by her client and Won-tae (who seems to be also very flirty with her, so I am a bit confused about the relationship there). Meanwhile, Louis invites Man-su to his hotel where he mentions that Ju-seok has allegedly said that Man-su had stolen medicines from his previous employer. Plus, the fact that he also knows Chun-hui can also become a problem. Here, too, Man-su tries to protect his ex, which is honestly so weird.

Meanwhile, Won-tae asks Chun-hui to get fentanyl and nalbuphine from Ju-seok so that they can sell them to a client of his for five times the price. The thought bothers Chun-hui, who goes home wondering what to do after this. At the same time, Eun-pyo asks Yun-ju to meet her the next day after finding the threatening letter on her son’s paper crane that Su-in gave him. When Yun-ju tells her the real reason for everything, Eun-pyo looks rather uncomfortable.

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green mothers club episode 10
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 10

When Yun-ju mentions Chun-hui’s escapade from last night, however, Eun-pyo is left deep in thought. It’s not every day that you find a wealthy doctor’s wife in a seedy motel. Either way, Eun-pyo asks her to never mention any of it and to cover it up. On the other hand, Louis meets Chun-hui and asks her whether Jin-ha ever told her anything before she died. He asked her whether she has ever supplied drugs to Jin-ha and although Chun-hui tries to play it off, it’s apparent that Louis has done his due homework. After the extremely awkward and rattling conversation, Chun-hui rushes out and asks Man-su to meet her through sobs.

Man-su is shocked to learn that Chun-hui was in contact with Jin-ha even on the day that she died. He is also aware that things with Louis are getting dangerous and that he isn’t stupid and will get to know everything if he digs hard enough. He asks her to stop doing these things for now since she might get into a lot of trouble. However, Chun-hui refuses since she needs the tuition money for her kids. When Man-su enquires why her husband can’t pay the money, she sadly exclaims that she got to know too late that her husband had a lot of debt and was too embarrassed to leave at that point.

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green mothers club episode 10
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 10

After going home, a desperate Chun-hui finds her husband passed out on the bed and decides to steal the medicines from the fridge. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo gets ready to send Dong-seok to the Gifted Students show. Although Jun-ung isn’t happy with how fast his wife is moving, she asks him to stay out of it – Dong-seok needs to cultivate his brain and have different experiences so that he doesn’t lose his spark. At the competition, Dong-seok’s team wins and praise rains down on Eun-pyo for doing a great job.

However, fame comes at a price for little Dong-seok as well – he now gets bullied by his friends and strange people come up to him to ask odd questions. It’s just sad watching the children feeling the pressure of their mother’s and society’s ambitions and expectations. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo gets a call from the Chairman of Sungmyung University Foundation and after a brief discussion, is offered a job with them. As she waits for a response, things get worse for Dong-seok.

Meanwhile, Jae-ung gets a hospital video of the woman whom Chun-hui had drugged in the motel. When he goes home, they all get the good news that Eun-pyo has been appointed by Sungmyung. However, her first day at work ends on damper when Dong-seok, having reached his breaking point, shatters his windmill that Dong-ju was playing with. The next day, Chun-hui, fed up with her husband, gets into a fight in the middle of the road with her children watching. She, too, reaches a breaking point and drives off without him.

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green mothers club episode 10
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 10

Meanwhile, Dong-seok, having to present a presentation at the academy, freezes up and runs out of the academy and down the street. As Eun-pyo runs after him, she catches him on the street just as he’s about to get hit by a bike, after which he turns catatonic and wets himself. Eun-pyo takes him home after he continues to be catatonic. At the same time, Chun-hui goes to meet her bedridden father and is shocked to see Yu-bin lying about all of her high and mighty accomplishments that never happened. When she pulls her daughter aside, she is shocked to learn that Yu-bin truly believes that she came first in everything.

That night, Jae-ung starts asking Eun-pyo whether she knew that Dong-seok was under so much stress and tries to somewhat imply that she has not been taking care of him. Frustrated that whatever she does, she is always the one who is blamed, Eun-pyo goes to the terrace to get some fresh air while Chun-hui is sitting there as well, crying after the morning’s revelations. When Eun-pyo comes home, she finds her husband and Dong-ju sitting there in front of the table looking scared. Dong-seok is sitting under the table with a bag on his head and when Eun-pyo tears it off, he bites her and starts sobbing as she looks on, mortified.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 10

green mothers club episode 10
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 10

Green Mothers Club episode 10 brings everything to a head – two mothers who are so different in their outlook fall into the same problems in the end. For Eun-pyo, it’s her need to be recognised and for Chun-hui, it’s her need to keep a facade. The pressure that they both put on their children works against them in the worst way possible. It’s a bit shocking watching Eun-pyo’s transformation, as you expect her to be this cool mom who keeps her son’s happiness above all else. It’s shocking to see Chun-hui understanding the problem this soon as well, I expected her to force her kids a bit more.

Either way, the happy times did seem too good to be true and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn in the next episode that Dong-seok was being bullied. It’s the ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ fallacy. Meanwhile, Man-su’s sneaky attitude will definitely bring ruin to Yun-ku’s family. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chun-hui might implicate him in another crime again. I am also quite sad that we didn’t get anything Yeong-mi related in this episode. I am still waiting to know what happened after she found that back box hidden away among his things!

Either way, this was another gripping episode which turned heartbreaking after a while. The series is doing a great job bringing the various facets of forcing education down children’s throats to the forefront. Let’s hope our protagonists learn a lesson or two in the next episode.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 10 finds Eun-pyo and Chun-hui down the same road, thanks to their skewered parenting.

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Green Mothers Club episode 10 Recap: Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun Face ConsequencesGreen Mothers Club episode 10 finds Eun-pyo and Chun-hui down the same road, thanks to their skewered parenting.