Glass Octopus Video Goes Viral; Mumbai Indians and Manchester United Logos on Bride’s Mehendi

Earth is a fascinating planet with species, yet that leaves us amazed. Have you ever heard of Glass Octopus? Not many know, but there’s an octopus that looks like glass because it has transparent skin. The mollusc was found living its life to the best in water.

Schmidt Ocean Institute’s shared the Glass Octopus video on their Instagram page. The octopus looks like some shining creature, as we can see some of its insides. In their caption, the Institute has shared details about this species and where they are found. Its scientific name is Vitreledonella richardi.

In their caption, Schmidt Ocean Institute wrote, “ROV SuBastian and the #PhoenixIslandsCoral team recorded nearly twenty minutes of footage of a suspected Glass Octopus (Vitreledonella richardi). The Glass Octopus is a nearly transparent pelagic species of octopus found worldwide in tropical and subtropical latitudes. The only visible features of the octopus are its optic nerve, eyeballs, and digestive tract (the silvery piece in the middle).”

Glass Octopus
Glass Octopus pic

They further wrote, “All of these organs are oriented to minimize casting shadows from below, to keep the animal hidden from predators. There is limited live footage of this creature, so scientists have mostly learned about it by studying specimens found in the gut contents of other animals. “

In the comments, people are already a fan of this beauty. About the striking Glass Octopus, one person wrote, “She’s beautiful and incredible!”. One more fan commented, “What a fabulous looking creature 😍”.

Check out the Glass Octopus video below:

That’s not the only exciting thing going viral on the internet. A bride has left everyone in awe of her Mehendi design. In India, Mumbai Indians and Manchester United logos bride Mehendi pic is going viral on the internet. The bride’s name is Geet Khedekar, who married Devvrat Mainhallikar. Mehendi artist Vandana Kohli made these stunning designs on the bride’s hand.

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The Mumbai Indians and Manchester United logos bride Mehendi picture was posted Mumbai Indians Instagram page. They captured the beautiful Mehendi pic – This मेहंदी has our 💙 Many congratulations to Devvrat and Geet 👩‍❤️‍👨.

Geet shared the reposts and wrote, “Thank you @plforindia and @mumbaiindians for featuring my mehendi ❤️💙❤️💙 …
Thank you @kolivandana20 for beautiful mehendi …”

In the comments section, fans are swooning over this beautiful henna design. One fan commented, “Two of my favourite teams ❤️”. Another wrote, “To my future wife, If your Mehendi doesn’t look like this, do you even love me?”.

Check out the Bride Mehendi of Mumbai Indians and Manchester United logos:

Well, it’s no doubt that the internet is an interesting place. Thanks to social media, we get to see many such wonderful gems that make us smile.

What’s your favourite – Glass Octopus or the bride’s Mehendi? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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