Netflix’s Get Organised With the Home Edit Review: There’s No Reason Why You Wouldn’t Love This!

Get Organised With the Home Edit on Netflix is a brand new show which definitely is a treat to the eyes because it is about beautifully organising spaces. Personally for me, I always obsessively feel the need to compartmentalize everything about storage because it makes life so much better and easier! If you are an organising freak, you’d probably watch this show multiple times as you have all the reasons to.

Get Organised With the Home Edit beats around no bush and gets straight to business which is honestly exciting to watch (excuse me for the number of times I type exciting throughout this review). This isn’t exactly about doing over a home – the architectural structure of the space remains the same, what changes are the way things are arranged around the house.

Get Organised With the Home Edit

Everything at the Home Edit is beautifully themed into a rainbow because they strive to achieve the perfect balance between the aesthetics and order. Just like a rainbow, the Home Edit brings in calm and the chaos, just in the right measure. I can go on and on, so I’ll quickly, in simple words, introduce you the geniuses behind the show.

Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer are behind the conceptualisation of the Home Edit. They own the Home Edit, which is an organising business that is spread all across the US. Home Edit is a successful business which now has franchises and is doing extremely well.

It’s satisfying, interesting and fun to watch because who doesn’t want to watch colour-coded organisation, utilising huge storages optimally while making it all look aesthetically pleasing. My favourite part would be when they were using colourful and interesting labels to organise things.

The Home Edit grew to be what it is today all from having just a presence on social media. Today they have celebrity clients like Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Khloe Kardashian. Joanna and Clea have dedicated their whole lives trying to rearrange wardrobes, closets and rooms. They are highly skilled at what they do and the end result is beautiful and worth all the praise you shower them with. 

No discrimination! 

You’d be a little surprised to see that Home Edit also takes up projects of regular people too. Generally, companies that have celebrity clients do not take up projects involving everyday people, but, the Home Edit has a diverse clientele.

You get to watch the whole team putting in equal amounts of effort in lighting up people’s homes with beautifully curated storage spaces and delivering exactly what a client needs from them. Everything about the orderly and planned organising of belongings of clients has a personalised touch from the team. I loved the part where Joanna would add her own handwriting in the labels.

Get Organised With the Home Edit

The first episode features the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon, who needs helps with organising her memorabilia such as her dresses, accessories and all that accompanied her throughout her life as an actress. It is a very interesting episode because you get a look at a celebrity’s life, which includes her outfits at Cannes or even her iconic pink outfit from Legally Blonde.

Get Organised With the Home Edit takes you through Reese’s house and will almost make you want to be a part of the whole organising brigade. It will make you feel an extreme satisfaction to see Joanna and Clea energetically and meticulously organise her things. It gives me immense happiness to see people be passionate about what they love. Get Organised With the Home Edit showcases exactly that with a lot of care and love. 

I am convinced that organising is an art!

In Get Organised With the Home Edit, you will meet the gurus of organising. Joanna and Clea are really the best at what they do! I have to admit that this job involves a lot of dexterity, skill and artistic abilities to be able to turn any boring, average looking space, like an old, unutilised garage, into a storage facility which does not look like one – it looks luxurious and impressive, to say the least.

Get Organised With the Home Edit

Through this series, you also get some hacks which can help you to get better at organising if you pay adequate attention. It has amazed me to see how wonderfully each and every client was delivered exactly what they wanted, tailor-made and perfect! Joanna and Clea are creative, their ideas are not monotonous and it really makes you wonder as to how do they get this perfect insight into a client’s mind which makes them deliver exactly what the client asked for! 

Overall, go watch the show! It is fantastic, refreshing and satisfying for a change, besides you could use some tips to organise your closet better now that most of us are at home all the time. I don’t want my mother to watch this show, however! 

Get Organised With the Home Edit is streaming on Netflix.

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Perfectly binge-able and oh so satisfying! 'Get Organised With the Home Edit' is here to delight the cleanliness and organising freaks because it is unmissable!

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