From BTS V to EXO Chanyeol: 7 Kdrama OSTs By Male Kpop Idols You Must Listen

We mostly hear kpop idols through their group songs and rarely do we get a chance to hear them solo. Kdrama OSTs give a chance to these kpop idols to showcase their unique voice in a single song and every time, it has turned out to be great. ‘Stay With Me’ by EXO Chanyeol and Punch has been the most popular Kdrama OST ever. To find out more Kdrama OSTs by Kpop idols, Check out below.

Kdrama OSTs

Here is the List of 7 Kdrama OSTs By Male Kpop Idols

Stay With Me By EXO Chanyeol and Punch

Unarguably, the most popular Kdrama OST, Stay With Me by EXO Chanyeol and Punch features in the 2016 fantasy Kdrama, Goblin. This ballad is produced by the Korean indie band, Rocoberry with lyrics written by Lee Seung-joo. The song is the perfect combination of melody, vocals and lyrics which continues to enthral people.

You can watch Goblin on Netflix and Viki.

Even If I Die, It’s You By BTS Jin and BTS V

Even If I Die, It’s You is the debut Kdrama OST of BTS Jin and V. The song features in the 2016 historic Kdrama, Hwarang. The song is produced and written by the drama’s musical director Oh Jun-sung. This song with the youthful voices of V and Jin represents the characters of the drama very well. BTS V had made his acting debut in this drama.

You can watch Hwarang on Netflix and Viki.

Everytime By Exo Chen and Punch

Everytime by EXO Chen and Punch features in the popular 2016 Kdrama, Descendants of the Sun. The song is produced by the Korean indie band Rocoberry, and Kim Jong-kook. Chen and Punch’s voice along with cool orchestral beats by Rocoberry captivates the listeners’ hearts with their romantic vibes.

You can watch Descendants of the Sun on Netflix and Viki.

Sweet Night By BTS V

Featuring in the superhit 2020 Kdrama Itaewon Class, Sweet Night is BTS V’s second Kdrama OST. The song is sung entirely in English and is written, composed by V himself. This low tempo ballad talks about love and loss but gives hope of walking ahead in life. It is a song that feels like a warm hug before going to bed, just like its name.

You can watch Itaewon Class on Netflix.

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Yours By BTS Jin

Yours by BTS Jin features in 2021 Kdrama, Jirisan. It is the singer’s first solo Kdrama OST after singing with his band member V in 2016 for Hwarang. The song is written by Gaemi and JIDA and is composed by Gaemi, Kim Se-jin and midnight. Jin’s soothing voice goes well with the melodies that make this ballad enchanting.

You can watch Jirisan on Viki.

Rainbow Falling By Astro Eunwoo

Rainbow Falling by Cha Eunwoo features in the popular 2018 Kdrama My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The singer also acts as the main lead in the drama. Written and composed by Mathi, HowL, Jeong Soo-min and Park Geun-cheol, the song suits Cha Eunwoo’s sweet voice. This ballad is sure to tingle your heart.

You can watch My ID is Gangnam Beauty on Netflix and Viki.

Christmas Tree By BTS V

Released as the OST for 2022 hit Kdrama Our Beloved Summer, it is BTS V’s third Kdrama OST. The song was released on 2021 Christmas Day and went on to become a holiday hit. The song is written and composed by V himself. The song talks about the love confession that will also make your heart flutter.

You can watch Our Beloved Summer on Netflix.

Which of these Kdrama OSTs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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