We Have Listed For You Some Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix If You Are Bored Of Friends!

I have listed down for you some sitcoms to watch on Netflix amid the tough times we are dealing with. No, it doesn’t include Friends or The Office. With the Friends reunion coming out soon, everyone is going to talk about it excessively. I don’t dislike these shows, but it’s time that people explore other options. So, I have noted down some of my most favourites on the digital platform that I want you all to see.

Take a look at the list of sitcoms to watch on Netflix this weekend:

The Good Place (4 seasons)

When people talk about the afterlife, they always have scary stories to tell. We get fried; we live with our worst fears for ages until we redeem ourselves and whatnot. But The Good Place takes a different take on this topic. It shows how human beings can improve themselves, and one doesn’t need to be harsh. Starring Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto and D’Arcy Carden, you are in for a good time.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (7 seasons)

B99 is one of the most amazing sitcoms to watch on Netflix. It’s a cop drama but focuses enough on love, friendship, race, sexuality and social topics. Andy Samberg’s butt is the bomb, and his chemistry with Melissa Fumero is heartwarming. Oh, did I tell you about the Pembroke Welsh corgi dog named Cheddar on the show? I think you should see it yourself!

Crashing (limited series)

If you are not in the mood for lengthy shows with never-ending seasons, do not worry. This British comedy series written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and also starring her in the lead role is enough for you. If you love adult series, this should be on your list of sitcoms to watch on Netflix. With some good laughter, Crashing focuses on relationships and friendships and f*ck ups young people do in life. It has some strong language so you may not be comfortable watching it with your family members.

Schitt’s Creek (6 seasons)

I believe that everyone should watch this show once in their life. The Canadian series by Daniel, aka Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, takes us into a world we all wish to be a part of. Being broke is scary, but the Roses in Schitt’s Creek find their way out of it with some wonderful character developments.

It’s one of the rarest series that doesn’t use a gay love story as a side story. Instead, it is the main love story. Halfway into the series, you will try to relate yourself to more than one Rose family member for sure.

Kim’s Convenience (5 seasons)

This is another one of the most hilarious sitcoms to watch on Netflix. Just like Schitt’s Creek, this Canadian series starring Simu Liu, Paul Sun-Hyung, Andrea Bang and Jean Yoon will keep you entertained from the start till the end. The story focuses on a Korean Canadian family who runs a convenience store and their equation with each other and their customers. Kim’s Convenience filled with love, laughter and meaningful scenarios.

Well, these are some of my favourite and some phenomenally written, well-made and well-acted sitcoms to watch on Netflix. They will keep you engrossed in their sweet little world, and that’s the kind of respite we all need currently. So grab your favourite snacks and start your binge marathon!

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