Fox’s Next Episode 3 Review: AI is Dangerous and Has the Power to Annihilate on Command

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[Next Episode 3 Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Next premiered on 6th October 2020 on Fox. Created by Manny Coto for the Fox Broadcasting Company, the series belongs to the science-fiction crime drama genre and stars John Slattery, Fernanda Andrade, Michael Mosley, Gerardo Celasco, Eve Harlow, Aaron Moten, and Elizabeth Cappuccino alongside other cast members.

Stop It Before It Kills You

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If compared to the previous episode, Next episode 3 tries to keep up the pace that it started with in episode 2, but it gets overwhelming and predictable at certain moments. As Shea and Paul LeBlanc travel to Dartmouth to investigate NEXT’s whereabouts, which is potentially linked to Biomotion Labs, they meet Professor Richard Pearish (Michael Herzovi), LeBlanc’s friend, for answers. However, they seem to fail in extracting any information they were looking for and decide to come back later that night when no one’s there and look into some confidential data. But things take a turn when the AI is set loose and doesn’t follow the commands and the unfortunate happens.

On the other hand, a parallel story is germinating involving Ethan and Ty Salazar, Shea’s son and husband respectively, as they try to escape the clutches of the AI that is willing to kill people who came in contact with it. Thus, to stay safe and alive they must part ways.

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The episode overall fails to grab viewers’ attention. Next throws in incongruous moments of emotional and intimate bonding amid the chaos within teammates which comes up as unflattering and awkward sometimes. Moreover, their connection and the related storyline is taken care of clumsily just like the show’s other efforts at passing a social commentary.

Next Episode 3/ Fox

The journey that started with episode 1 as interesting is slowly going downhill with each episode. The series has its own fair share of flaws and you’ll only be able to make sense of it when you don’t give too much thought to the things imposed on you during the show. It seems as if AI is a terrorist they are trying to hunt down with no trace of it at all. In a series where AI is the villain, it doesn’t make it look like a foe you fear but rather the one you can escape from with a few struggles here and there.

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Overall, Next episode 3 doesn’t bring with itself the buildup you would want to see in a series with AI as its driving force and often times it is predictable and goes downhill. Next features quite a number of cliches, the most common one being that nobody knows the perils of an AI system and the fact that it can carry out serious transgressions, all the while learning and internally self-programming.

Stream It or Skip It

Next Episode 3/ Fox

STREAM IT! If you have followed the journey till now then you need to complete it even if it’s predictable! Episode 4 might have something that’ll blow up and things will fall in place. A bit more depth and character layers would have made the series what it aims to be.

Watch Next here.

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Fox's Next Episode 3 is here picking up where it left off but what barges in is predictability and a flat storyline in this episode. Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.


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