Fox’s Next Episode 1 Review: Perils of Artificial Intelligence!

Next is a sci-fi TV series which is currently streaming on Fox. The pilot episode has been released today on Fox and within a few minutes into the series, we all have a fair idea of what the theme is.

Next episode 1 starts off with Elon Musk’s quote on artificial intelligence and how hazardous artificial intelligence is. This primarily gives you an idea about the dangers of artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence, through digital personal assistants, has dangerously and in an evil way meddled with human lives.

Fox’s attempt at sci-fi seems promising, as is evident from Next episode 1. Next, as a title, gives away a lot because the major storyline revolves around how Artificial Intelligence is self-learning and self- altering – it is about Artificial Intelligence gone rogue. 

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Next episode 1 opens with Paul Leblanc (John Slattery), a tech billionaire, addressing a crowd about the hazards of Artificial Intelligence and how there is impending doom on mankind with its advancing technology. The theme of “technology is the evil” is made extremely clear and was explained in the first episode itself. Personally, I have had mixed thoughts about the series because we jump right into the theme on Next episode 1 without much notice. With almost a lot being unfolded right away, it makes you wonder as to how the whole series will turn out to be. 

What have we understood so far on Next episode 1

Producer Manny Coto has created a series with ten episodes and like mentioned before, the show gets right into the story without wasting any time at all. Paul LeBlanc is a technology innovator at Silicon Valley who happens to take notice of an extremely deadly and malicious Artificial Intelligence system that is self altering and self-learning.

Our protagonist is shown to inform the FBI and asks them to keep monitoring the case closely as this malicious system can go to lengths unimaginable. This system is termed as ‘Next’ and it is invisible. Therefore, the whole work of trying to fix it or control the system becomes extremely difficult.

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‘Next’ has unlimited abilities which can be seen in how it starts interacting with an 8-year-old through their home virtual assistant ‘Iliza’ which has ominous intentions. ‘Next’ is a threat to mankind. Every technological device which uses Artificial Intelligence is a threat, every virtual assistant, every phone, every computer or even a car with virtual assistants are under a threat.

Next episode 1 is shown to progress as a horror thriller. Technology is sure as hell catastrophic, to say the least. Next episode 1 establishes that it is here to convey that aspect to us well. Netflix has the whole AI genre running well for them. A very credible show called The Social Dilemma has so much to talk about the perils of too much technology. 

Overall verdict 

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Stream it. It definitely has interesting aspects that it speaks of but at some portions in Next episode 1, it feels as though the show has not been rationalised too well. There has been less to almost no emphasis on the characters of the show so that definitely acts as a drawback.

The show only keeps going on and on about the problematic nature of Artificial Intelligence and creates paranoia in the mind of the viewers which could become a little too overwhelming to take. Overall this might interest you if you follow the technology world closely and also keep yourself informed about the happenings on AI systems.

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Fox's Next episode 1 speaks of how artificial intelligence can potentially take over once it starts to figure out that mankind is disposable!

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