Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 2 Recap: Song Kang, Park Min-young and a Tale Between the Sheets

Forecasting Love and Weather (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) is a Korean TV series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang, and Yoon Bak, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Forecasting Love and Weather episode 2 has a runtime of 64 minutes and is titled Sensible Temperature.

Netflix describes the series as:

Inside a national weather service, love proves just as difficult to predict as rain or shine for a diligent forecaster and her free-spirited co-worker.

– Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

Man, Ha-kyung just cannot seem to catch a break. It’s heartbreaking seeing her cry in the rain as her now ex-fiance stands there just apologizing and calling himself an asshole. Jump to him telling her that they need to sell their apartment and shamelessly tell her that he has no money. Ha-kyung is left shocked as Ki-jun just tells her to think about it and leaves in Forecasting Love and Weather episode 2.

Later, it becomes apparent to the audience that Ha-kyung and Si-woo are completely opposite people. As Korea feels the chills, Ha-kyung is left to save her apartment and also help Si-woo enter their office premises. Unfortunately for her though, the new people on her team turn out to be quite the headache for her – Lee Si-woo and Dong-han. Plus, the stigma of getting dumped is also following her around in the office.

forecasting love and weather episode 2
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 2

Their spats get into the workplace when Yu-jin pokes Ha-kyung during a conference with the press. Just as Ha-kyung reels from that interaction, Ki-jun hounds her to sell the apartment and split the money between them. However, his constant nagging gets on her nerves and she threatens to not give him his money if he doesn’t return her things. Thank god for Si-woo though, he gets her out of the pickle.

Si-woo, too, has his share of emotional conversations with Yoo-jin where it becomes apparent that she never told Ki-jun about her relationship wit Si-woo. The reason why Ki-jun was confused previously when he realized that Si-woo caused a ruckus in their wedding.

After being unable to sleep thanks to Ki-jun being a fraud and a cheat, Ha-kyung gets to work early only to find Si-woo there as well. They get to work together and chat. They also discuss her plans of going to Switzerland and Si-woo tells her that he doesn’t want her to go if her motivation is to get away from her ex and his wife.

It’s interesting to watch Si-woo. His character seems more complex than what we are seeing right now and I hope the series really gives us something to know and appreciate about the character. Either way, Si-woo seems to be transfixed with Ha-kyung and tells her the secret behind him “smelling ice in the air” – just plain old-fashioned research. However, that conversation takes a pause when Ha-kyung gets to know that she has been served papers about the apartment from Ki-jun.

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forecasting love and weather episode 2
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 2

What happens next is both a breath of fresh air and a (literal) slap in the face. Ha-kyung confronts Ki-jun in front of a bunch of spectators and slaps him right across the face. They then fight about their failed relationship and how dare he try to get money out of the apartment that was supposed to be her alimony. Ki-jun tells her a few things as well, giving it as an excuse to cheat. However, when he asks her how much he will get out of the apartment, she tells him that he will only get 7% since that was his contribution. Plus, she needs to deduct the money that he scammed from her after buying the TV from overseas.

As Ki-jun stands there stunned, everyone is impressed by how she stood up for herself. Moreover, Ha-kyung declines the Switzerland offer and ends up in front of Si-woo’s car on her way home. They go out to drink and both share stories with each other – we finally get to hear the bouquet story. Yes, it’s as wild as it sounds. The way the two smile at each other and with each other is so hopeful – good things are on the way!

Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to wait too long. Yeah, they start making out right after and wake up next to each other the next morning. The totally fun and consensual incidents, however, result in a very awkward morning. Ha-kyung cannot believe what just happened, just when she thought she’d never date another colleague. However, Si-woo is cooler about the whole thing and tells her that he is joining HQ permanently from the next week – so, it’s best that they take this as casually as possible.


Although Dong-han’s return is warmly welcomed in the office, his family is less than enthusiastic about it.

Final thoughts: Forecasting Love and Weather episode 2

forecasting love and weather episode 2

Forecasting Love and Weather has my heart. And no, it’s not just because of Song Kang. I feel like the story has more to it than just romance or drama. There’s a general sense of excitement and thrill thanks to all of them trying to predict Mother Nature’s next move while also navigating their personal and professional relationships. I love the chemistry between Song Kang and Park Min-young, they look so nice together and balance each other out. I am excited to know where the series will go. It’s going to be so great.

Forecasting Love and Weather is streaming on Netflix.

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 2 is exciting, crazy and every bit an awesome watch.

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 2 is exciting, crazy and every bit an awesome watch.Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 2 Recap: Song Kang, Park Min-young and a Tale Between the Sheets