First Kill Review: Power Struggles Within the Vampire Elite

Adapted from the story by V.E. Schwab, First Kill has made a splash in the OTT circuit with the added drama brought about by the twist of a vampire falling in love with a vampire hunter. The series, directed by Jet Wilkinson, contains eight episodes with a runtime of approximately 40-50 minutes each. The series stars Jonas Dylan Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell and Sarah Catherine Hook, alongside other cast members.

– First Kill Review does not contain any spoilers –

First Kill is All About Genre Storytelling At its Best

When I turned on the first episode, the characters were fighting an uphill battle. The introduction sequence promises a lot: Behind the credits, a montage of key scenes from the following eight episodes play out; dramatic music swells, and the whole bit looks like a dangerous gig.

Via its combination of soap-opera angst, genre narrative and visuals that evoke a comic book from the cover-up, First Kill has every potential to be a succulent discovery for fantasy system and supernatural fans alike. The cast is sufficiently diverse, and they deserve a wider audience who will not just accept but appreciate their complex dynamics.

First Kill Review: Power Struggles Within the Vampire Elite

The series attempts to mix teen romance, drama and horror and triumphs in all three. Yet despite a few touches of ennui, First Kill‘s depiction of a world overrun by bloodsucking fiends never rises above the level of glossy YA gimmickry. It relies entirely on clichés from The Twilight Saga‘s resident glitterati to offer even that much depth. It does compellingly capture the haughty heroine until halfway through her debut season.

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Unsettling and Suspenseful is Part of the Mix in First Kill

I’m always looking for exciting shows, especially when it comes to paranormal activities and supernatural plots. So, when the show finally arrived, I was eager to watch what is supposed to be an original and gripping series.

In its debut season, the storytelling in the Netflix series is too familiar and coy to justify its existence. How often have we seen high school student outsiders find love with each other only to be thwarted by their conservative small town? I’m sure that every time it happens, some part of you is dying to live vicariously through these rebels and experience the forbidden fruit for yourself. But the show does nothing new with this conceit. It doesn’t need to.

First Kill starts as a beautiful, dream-like, thought-provoking experience. Its characters are genuine and complex, the world is imaginative and bold, and the story of two sweethearts with a supernaturally strong bond is bittersweet and deliciously naughty at others. If anything can promise a happy ending, it will be the strength of their love. If you love teen drama like Twilight or Riverdale, or if you are a fan of the sexy fairy tale trope, then I think you will appreciate this series.

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First Kill is High-Octane Procedural and Exploratory

When the supernatural involves the otherworldly, we seek a more primal thrill. The best monster stories, after all, are meant to give us a thrilling glimpse deeper into reality, with mythological creatures standing in as metaphors for our own darkest desires and fears. On that note, the show surpasses expectations in its eight episodes — though not too much. It lays out an entire universe of supernatural lore and tangled interpersonal connections.

First Kill Review: Power Struggles Within the Vampire Elite

First Kill, while playful and energetic, works quite as hard as it could to draw you in. Enough is going on that new fans should be able to throw themselves headfirst; enough history of rewarding repeat viewers who will come back for the second half. But for a show that is ostensibly about the pleasures of intellectual curiosity — about piecing together answers to a puzzle — it sustains the incurable case of forgetting to ask its most interesting questions.

First Kill is a young adult action romance. It is part Buffy, part the queen of the vampires herself, Jessica from True Blood. This show has romance and action, good guys and bad guys and shows the angst of connections and relationships.

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Stream it or Skip It?

This is a new TV series on Netflix about the world of vampires. The show combines elements of horror, romance and action with a large cast of characters and an expansive world filled with vampires and other supernatural forces. But is it worth watching?

First Kill Review: Power Struggles Within the Vampire Elite

Fast-paced and suspenseful, it is also a fun watch if you enjoy genre storytelling. The unsettling but stylish visuals and staccato pacing are enough to keep you enthralled without the different mix of horror, romance and conspiracy theory that gives it a little special something.

First Kill is streaming on Netflix

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First Kill starts as a beautiful, dream-like, thought-provoking experience. But is it worth the 8-episode watch?


  1. eps 1-3 its like ok, but the rest is to TOO MUCH ROMANTIC, gay guys, gay girls, its like a soap opera show, i just fastfoward and was done with all 8 eps within a houer, not much are happening, i tought it was about fighting demon, the fights are not cool they all are amatours at killing ANYTHING, nope it was becomeming a love drama show, i give it a 1,5 stars for something to watch for one night, to much talk, too loong episodes, removed and thumbs down.

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First Kill Review: Power Struggles Within the Vampire EliteFirst Kill starts as a beautiful, dream-like, thought-provoking experience. But is it worth the 8-episode watch?