Filthy Rich Episode 9 Recap: Hagamond Sheen The Devout Lunatic

[Filthy Rich Episode 9 Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Filthy Rich premiered on 22nd September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company with a new episode scheduled to release every week. The series seeks inspiration from a New Zealand series of the same name, starring Kim Cattrall, Gerald McRaney, Melia Kreiling, Aubrey Dollar, Corey Cott, Steve Harris, and Aaron Lazar.

The End Is Near

“I need you to look me in the eye and tell me I’m not a bad person.” – Rachel

Filthy Rich episode 8 had a lot going on and ends with the kidnapping of Jesus, Antonio’s son, who is taken away by Hagamond Sheen who is hell-bent on destroying the Monreaux family. Filthy Rich episode 9 titled Romans 12:21 carries on the search for Jesus as Margaret sets a phone bank for any clues. And while Yopi and Rachel are blaming themselves for the missing child, Ginger is trying to decipher Luke’s last message’s meaning!

On the other hand, Becky gives birth to a beautiful girl but it is not an indication that things are fine between her and Eric. Furthermore, Rose decides to get married; Eugene is finally ready to face people, Reverend Paul is fired for some reason, and lastly, Eric admits to doing something not just sinful but equally painful and disgraceful. A lot is happening in the Sunshine network and everyone’s lives are tangled yet moving towards some clarity.

Filthy Rich Episode 9
Filthy Rich Episode 9 Recap: Hagamond Sheen The Devout Lunatic 4

The series starts with Margaret burning the house down saying ‘rot in hell’ and each and every event is building up towards that. While things are catching pace, it definitely feels like the makers are trying to run the series to its conclusion when initially they tried to make it walk and grow. With each episode having so much detail and character notion changes, the series either needs to have a season 2 or more episodes as we are just 1 episode away from the season finale now.

Moreover, Filthy Rich episode 9 skips the entire part and reaction of Yopi and Antonio after their son goes missing, Becky’s journey to the hospital and the families coming to know about this whole bloody mess. Rather, the episode jumps almost 2 days forward! The most we hear about the search parties and the FBI looking for Jesus is over the phone. Everything here happens to the studio as if it was mandatory to find Jesus before this episode ends and therefore there is a serious lack of emotional connection with Jesus!

They also find Jesus in the sloppiest of ways possible. The conclusion of the entire Hagamond saga that was built till Filthy Rich episode 9 was nothing but fickle here. Another unsettling aspect here is Rachel’s guilt which was so much that she saw two people talking about her and left her side of the effort to get Jesus back at the moment. And again, here when Jesus is found we don’t see the aftermath but a skip to the studio. So many jumps!

Filthy Rich Episode 9
Filthy Rich Episode 9 Recap: Hagamond Sheen The Devout Lunatic 5

Margaret faces a harsh truth in Filthy Rich episode 9 as well but she neglects everything that leads up to it. While her anger is justified, her negligence towards dominance isn’t. Her reaction and responses to Franklin are not just disappointing but painful too as he is the only person who stood by her when even her “blood” betrayed her! Franklin’s love, loyalty, and faith towards Margaret and her business brought nothing more than pain and insult to him! You see an element of racial-politics here if you read closely.

Summing up, Filthy Rich is one episode away from the culmination. While the plot points are interesting, there is no time to savour them and things are running instead of slow-burning and it’s tiring to run after them!

Stream It or Skip It

Filthy Rich Episode 9

STREAM IT! Despite its fast-paced and a few rough edges here and there, Filthy Rich episode 9 is worth watching! And while Eugene is no godman, he is trying to make amends now it seems. There is also a revelation about Luke’s killer and the harm caused to Reverend Paul and that’s shocking!

Filthy Rich episode 9 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Filthy Rich Episode 9 is another fast-paced episode this season as the series is about to hit the end with no renewal for a new season! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.

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