Filthy Rich Episode 8 Recap: What The Mess Is Happening In The Monreaux World!

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[Filthy Rich Episode 8 Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Filthy Rich premiered on 22nd September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company with a new episode scheduled to release every week. The series seeks inspiration from a New Zealand series of the same name, starring Kim Cattrall, Gerald McRaney, Melia Kreiling, Aubrey Dollar, Corey Cott, Steve Harris, and Aaron Lazar.

Things Fall Apart But Are Built Back Stronger!

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You’re nauseous. You’re overly tired. Rose, are you pregnant? – Margaret

Let me just start with this – the honest reporter Luke is dead, Eugene is alive since he died, Becky is in labour and asks Eric for divorce and is attacked, Rose is pregnant, Becky and Ginger are almost in love I guess, Jason is beating Rose’s ex-fiance Brett, Antonio got his first fight and his kid got kidnapped… etc. Catch a breath, did you?

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Filthy Rich episode 8 titled “James 4:1” has a lot going on. In the last episode, it was revealed that Margaret and Franklin are childhood sweethearts and they finally move a bit forward with what they always had. Episode 8 is fast-paced and probably one of the best episodes this season with visible character growth for everyone. With things changing drastically and the non-renewability of the series for a second season, we have just 2 episodes to know how this all ends and who all will make it out of this expansive labyrinth.

Filthy Rich Episode 8

With all these subplots being included into the main plot, it does not get difficult for the viewers to grab what’s going on and whodunnit! And the credit goes to Sheri Holman, the writer of Filthy Rich episode 8. The current episode has set expectations for the series finale so one wrong step, and this all goes downhill for the characters and the viewers! As mentioned before, Margaret and Franklin take their relationship ahead and spend the night together in Filthy Rich episode 8. While Franklin is waiting for her to love him back, she is keeping her distance which is obviously painful and uncomfortable for Franklin.

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With every passing episode we learn more bout the 1820 and their dirty intentions and deeds and about the ladies’ table that has all but vanished. Now that we have reached the 8th episode and Eugene never died, one of the growing plot twist is if Eugene will ever reveal himself in front of his family or just lurk around like he has been doing (creepy!). We have seen considerable growth in Margaret’s character since episode one. She has grown as a person and values her family more than her belief in God and it shows, though sometimes very late.

I love how Becky and Ginger are growing together. Since the inception of the series, we have seen Becky fearing God and taking the moral high ground but now she loves Ginger and lowkey wants to move in with her and so does Ginger! Love wins, I believe. On the other hand, something is seriously wrong with Hagamond Sheen (Thomas Francis Murphy) as he is hellbent on destroying the Monreaux and is omnipresent literally everywhere all because of the Reverend Paul and you can’t help but despise Paul. God, save the Monreaux.

Stream It or Skip It

Filthy Rich Episode 8

STREAM IT! Filthy Rich episode 8 is power-packed and is building up to the series finale which I believe would be a blast! Things are falling apart and building back up stronger, people are dying, setting themselves free, and what not! It is a race track where everybody is close to both winning and losing.

Filthy Rich episode 8 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Filthy Rich Episode 8 is fast-paced and is leading a fiery way to the series final. Will the Monreaux finally lose? Or will they win, who knows! Stream It or Skip It? Read here

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