Filthy Rich Episode 10 Recap: It’s Burning and Disappointing In This Bland Series Finale

[Filthy Rich episode 10 Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Filthy Rich premiered on 22nd September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company with a new episode scheduled to release every week. The series seeks inspiration from a New Zealand series of the same name, starring Kim Cattrall, Gerald McRaney, Melia Kreiling, Aubrey Dollar, Corey Cott, Steve Harris, and Aaron Lazar.

The House Finally Burns!

Filthy Rich has finally come to an end and it was disappointing and sloppy! Drama, chaos, Eugene’s return, Rose’s marriage, and then breaking off everything that happened. But, was it as exciting as I thought and wanted it to be? Well, no! Filthy Rich episode 10 titled Corinthians 3:13 starts with Margaret celebrating the opening of Sunny Club (finally!) all the while remembering the deceased. Eugene was back in the last episode and he continues living with Ginger but now decides to crash Rose’s marriage as he is her father and this is the time he thinks is apt to return to his family who has mourned over him and moved on.

“Nothing is going to ruin my daughter’s perfect wedding day. Not even her groom” – Margaret

While the entire Eugene story is going on, Tina and Ginger argue about Ginger’s absence from the core-board of the company ($6 Million are nothing to them) and on the other hand, we come to know that Luke is NOT dead and is an FBI agent and furthermore, Eric is drunk, beaten up, and sulking. He is done being nice! All of this combined with Eugene’s return and calling Margaret’s money filthy, Rose calling off her wedding and Ginger being blamed for a lot of things makes for a very confusing episode. It is a mess and it is rushed as this is the final episode and the series is not coming back for a second season.

Filthy Rich episode 10

Filthy Rich episode 10 ends where it started with the Monreaux mansion burning down to ashes and Margaret leaving as she is dressed like a diva saying “rot in Hell”. A lot happened in the last episode with the Monreaux family which left no time for the audiences to take their eyes off the screen! But the only problem here is the rush in which everything ended and the same pattern was followed in the previous episodes too. The series starts slow and then starts to walk which works very well in its favour. There is ample space for character growth but when it starts running at this pace it becomes difficult to keep hold of things.

“You should just be grateful that you have a seat at our dinner table, Ginger because you’ll never have a seat at our board.” -Margaret

There is no doubt that the season finale was not satisfactory and left a lot of rough edges. It’s a shame that there is no Filthy Rich Season 2, the series was one hell of a journey with everything about it in place. Other than Eugene, ofcourse. That man is just annoying and the show doesn’t need his character but ironically he is the one who pulls the Monreauxs downhill. Juicy moments of drama were lost in the Monreaux house fire.

Filthy Rich episode 10

As the series is now over, I watched and analyzed the entire Mark/Jason journey and the show failed to give any character depth to them. The most Mark has done is beat Rose’s ex and that’s it. The only character that the series handled adversely was this. We would never know if he genuinely loved Rose or whether they will ever marry. Subsequently, Mark’s character, which carried a major part in the screenplay, was left hanging by a thread by the end, with his conscience weighing heavy on him and we’ll never know what happens with him after he agrees to help the Feds.

There are so many things that will leave you disappointed if you were as invested in the series as me. Eugene is just disappointing and there isn’t more to him than bullcrap and chaos – he was better dead. His spiritual awakening makes him stupider and laughable! His words are proof that he is delusional and emotionally drained his family on purpose! He returns to his family like nothing ever happened, without a care in the world about what that would mean for his family.

Stream It or Skip It

Filthy Rich episode 10 marks the end of season 1 Filthy Rich. Things are burning, people are crumbling down, will the Monreaux survive this chaos is something we'll never know! Stream, It or Skip It? Read here

STREAM IT! Filthy Rich episode 10 is worth watching to bid adieu to the Monreaux family with rough edges and dislike for Eugene! Also, I wish the series finale brought Franklin and Margaret together in someway but… nevermind.

Lastly, Margaret walking out of the burning house in her glorious red dress is just amazing!

Filthy Rich episode 10 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Filthy Rich episode 10 marks the end of season 1 Filthy Rich. Things are burning, people are crumbling down, will the Monreaux survive this chaos is something we'll never know!

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