Feria The Darkest Light Review: Explicit Cult Thriller That Takes Too Much Time to Make a Point

Feria The Darkest Light is a Spanish fantasy thriller on Netflix. Also titled as ‘Feria: La luz más oscura’, it stars Ana Tomeno as Eva, Carla Campra as Sofia, Isak Ferriz as Guillen, Marta Nieto as Elena, Ernest Villegas as Pablo, and others. Created by Carlos Montero and Agustín Martínez, Jorge Dorado and Carles Torrens are the directors. These are 8 episodes of at least an hour.

The synopsis reads, “Two sisters must face a new reality — and supernatural elements — when it’s revealed their parents participated in a cult ritual ending in death”.

Feria The Darkest Light Review Contains Mild Spoilers (Trigger Warning: Self-harm, blood, sexual violence)

The story is set somewhere in the 90s in a small town called Feria. Sofia and Eva are sisters who believe they have a normal life and normal parents. One night, the sisters go for a party and return home to their parents missing. The cops enter their house and start questioning them about their mother Elena and father, Pablo.

Guillén is one of the investigating officers who tells the sisters that their parents have something to do with the death of 23 people at an old mine. A camera outside the mine records Elena and Pablo with 23 people. These people enter the mine with Elena, and Pablo goes away. After some time, all the 23 people are found dead outside. Both Sofia and Pablo are missing. The town is shocked to learn the news and can’t stand Sofia and Eva. People believe that even the girls might have something to do with their parents’ activities.

Eva and Sofia have no clue what happened to their parents and how the 23 people died. But with every episode, horrifying truth comes out that affects them and several others. Guillén also faces many challenges in his investigation. Was it a mass suicide due to a cult? Are Elena and Pablo responsible for 23 deaths? Will Eva and Sofia pay the price for what happened? Who’s the main driving force behind such dangerous activities?

Feria Still

Many supernatural thrillers starring teenagers have been released on Netflix. Dark, The Order, Locke and Key, and a few others are among them. Chosen, a Danish sci-fi fantasy thriller about teenagers seeking answers, was released on Thursday, and it was horrible. Feria appears to be a show about teenagers at first glance. However, as the story develops, disturbing secrets about darkness, light, and a mysterious “kingdom” unfold.

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In 20 minutes, the first episode becomes engaging. But once the basic premise is revealed, the creators take a very slow, and I mean VERY slow, approach. Episodes 2 and 3 spend far too much time trying to explain what’s going on. Despite being at least an hour long, the first three episodes provide hardly anything to appreciate. Fortunately, episodes 4 and 5 bring some intrigue.

In these episodes, we learn how the cult is more about just pleasing some ugly creature called Dekta. The women are subjected to sexual exploitation and manipulation as they are the “key” to the light on the other side. Sadly, when the sane ones seek answers, they hardly care about how multiple people sexually abuse women or even a young girl. It’s gross to see how women are used as objects of sacrifice in a sexually explicit way. Doesn’t make sense for the plot at all!

Feria The Darkest Light Review: Explicit Cult Thriller That Takes Too Much Time to Make a Point

Episodes 6 and 7 also capture your attention as it starts to unravel a few things. However, the sluggish pace again has a bad impact. Due to the slow narration, the makers tried to reveal several answers in the last episode. But most are hollow and unconvincing. Netflix show Feria: The Darkest Light ends with answering very little by taking too much of our time. The bizarre and overdramatic last scene also teased us season 2.

As the series ended, I still didn’t know why I should take this ugly creature Dekta seriously? It looks like someone hates owl and gave it a bad photoshop.

Coming to performances, Ana Tomeno as Eva and Carla Campra as Sofia are brilliant throughout. They are sisters who are completely different from each other. The show demands a lot of emotional and dark performance in many scenes and both the actors play their part well. Another actor who leaves a good impression is Isak Ferriz as Guillen.

Feria: The Darkest Light Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Feria The Darkest Light on Netflix tries hard but falls short of being Dark or Stranger Things. The cult thriller jumps all over the place. It’s preferable to miss the show than to be disappointed.

The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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Feria The Darkest Light on Netflix is a cult supernatural thriller that's slow and average.

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Feria The Darkest Light on Netflix is a cult supernatural thriller that's slow and average.Feria The Darkest Light Review: Explicit Cult Thriller That Takes Too Much Time to Make a Point