Tomorrow to Weightlifting Fairy: 6 Feel Good Korean Dramas to Binge Watch This Weekend

Is the week going hard on you? Let us help make your weekend better by taking to the world of feel-good Korean dramas. Yes, that is a thing, and we have even brought you a list that will make this weekend so much better. Let us help you get refreshed for the new week with these Kdramas that will make you laugh, cry and bring in the feeling of love. Here are 6 Kdramas that will keep uplifting your mood and be your escape from the world!

6 Feel Good Korean Dramas


Tomorrow has to be a rising star among the Kdramas this year. While we may have already fallen in love with a grim reaper in 2016, this drama has brought us back to them again. This Korean series has got love, comedy, heartbreak and some really good chemistry among the characters. The unexpected friendship that our protagonist forms while being stuck between the living and dead, the past love of two grim reapers. What more do you need to make this Kdrama a must-watch!

Tomorrow revolves around Choi Joon-woong, who gets himself in a coma and ends up as the newest member of the crisis management team in the company of grim reapers. While they lead their mission of preventing people from committing suicide, we witness Goo Ryun’s past that connects her to Park Joong-gil.

Watch it here.

Welcome to Waiki

If you are ready to cry out from laughter, then Welcome to Waikiki is the show for you! The number of comic twists and turns will only make you laugh harder while making you reach out for that box of tissues. With the brotherhood of the three main characters and their wacky ideas to make their business venture a success, this drama will surely get you into a better mood with its madness.

Welcome to Waikiki revolves around three men struggling to keep their guesthouse afloat after putting all their savings into the same. While they dream to finance their film one day, the dream seems to be going further away from them. Instead, they are surrounded by new troubles, including women, money and a baby. 

Watch it here.

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Our Blues

One of this year’s most loved Kdrama has to be Our Blues. This Korean series will take you on the rollercoaster of life filled with ups and downs. Life is not always smooth, but there are times and people who will get you through it all. This beautiful Kdrama is what you call a beautiful painting filled with colours that are sweet and bitter with a hint of sourness, just like life.

Our Blues follows the several stories of different people who live on the island of Jeju. Their lives are different, but they are somehow connected with each other. This 20 episodes drama stars Kim Woo-bin, Shin Min-a, Han Ji-min, Lee Byung-hun and many more.

Watch it here, or read our reviews on Our Blues.

Reply 1988

Take yourself back to the year of the Seoul Olympic Games with Reply 1988. Visit Seoul in 1988 through the memory of our protagonist Seong Deok-sun as she tells the story of her childhood. This Kdrama is sure to take you back to your childhood where we had no phones but a neighbourhood filled with friends we played with all day. From our mothers screaming at us to come for lunch to the love birds meeting secretly in the alleyway, this Kdrama is packed with everything nostalgic. 

The plot of Reply 1988 follows five families living in the neighbourhood of Ssangmungdong in Seoul. As Seong Duk-sun recalls the neighbourhood she once lived in, we witness the everlasting friendship of the group of five friends. We see how life goes on, from friendship to love and the drama involved. This is a good watch and something to share with your family.

Watch it here.

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My Liberation Notes

Find the reality of life, filled with problems and everything nice with My Liberation Notes. This is the Kdrama that takes you through your life which is not as smooth as the dramas that we all love to watch. This drama is a more mature and empathetic one that shows you how we need to work hard in society today to keep our lives afloat. This is a very realistic drama and you can connect to it in many ways. From your daily lives to the way you feel emotionally, this drama is meant to connect to you.

My Liberation Notes revolves around three siblings facing problems in their own lives while dealing with a strict father and a mother who wants to keep the peace. The three later form a liberation club to be liberated from things that they want to be free from. 

Watch it here.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

It is necessary to end this list with the best, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-jo has to be one of the best Kdramas for us to watch. This Kdrama was made to make you feel everything warm and fuzzy. It will tickle your heart and make you wish for someone as loving and supportive as Jung Joon-hyung. The main leads made us fall in love with their relationship, but topples everything else has to be Kim Bok-jo’s mukbang!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-jo is based on the real story of Olympic weightlifting champion Jang Mi-ran. We witness the youth of this champion in Kim Bok-jo, who faces unrequited feelings, love, friendship and support throughout her weightlifting journey. This Kdrama was made to steal your hearts and bring your Korean food cravings to the next level.

Watch it here.

Did we miss your favourite Kdrama? Let us know in the comments below!

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