Family Pack Review: Likith Shetty, Amrutha Iyengar Film is a Watch Like No Other

Family Pack is a comedy-drama movie directed by Arjun Kumar S and stars Likith Shetty, Amrutha Iyengar, and Rangayana Raghu, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 110 minutes.

Amazon Prime Video describes the movie as:

A boy who has lost all hope and the will to live has a chance to encounter a ghost who gives him a new life. But things get complicated when the ghost realizes that their lives and destinies intervene on a deeper level.

– Family Pack review does not contain spoilers –

Family Pack movie doesn’t have much of a story to look forward to. It’s an endless stream of cringy things that constantly keep happening for no discernible reasons. Essentially, this is a haunted house movie but also a romantic movie, but its treatment of these parts is so damn bad that sitting through it is a task like no other.

The story is about Abhi and a haunted house. Abhi is essentially a man-child. One who is objectively so bad that he gets on your nerves. He constantly complains about everything even though he is studying to become a doctor. He refuses to eat a home-cooked meal because god forbid he has to eat the same thing twice. No discussion about whether he should make something for himself – just leave the food and go. So right off the bat, he is an unpleasant character whom we have to follow. Either way, Abhi gets a little help from a very shocking source to get the girl of his dreams.

family pack

Man, this movie is cringe. There’s a lot happening at all times including ghosts saving people, helping them score girls and a “shocking” twist that confuses you more than anything. I mean, sure. If you say it like that, then it sounds interesting. However, unfortunately for literally all of us, there is a constant ineffective comedy undertone that really gets in the way of your viewing experience. The jokes and situations aren’t funny or amusing – they are uncomfortable and cringe-inducing. Plus, the women in this film have such less agency that it mostly feels like the men in their lives are constantly trying to prove that they are their own. Yuck.

If you thought Abhi was an annoying man-child though, you’d be pretty shocked to learn that none of the other characters is any great either. The male characters are either all angry or cannot commit while the women are constantly nagging or crying. These stereotypical and one-dimensional characters are horrible to watch since they add nothing to the story. This is essentially a “guy gets the girl” story but the way such a done-to-death plot is showcased will make you question everything around you.

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family pack

Also, Family Pack’s horrid storyline spills over into the acting department where most of the actors feel like they are cardboards sitting in boxes and reading lines apathetically. No one is really interested to emote much and the silly dialogues just add to the cringe and disturbing factor. The creators essentially thought of the funniest things that they could come up with and threw them together here without much thought into whether that would make the audience interested or entertained. Plus, watch out for that god-awful “possession” scene in the beginning. The cringe is just so high.

Summing up: Family Pack

family pack

Family Pack is a movie with no redeeming qualities. It’s not funny and the emotional scenes carry little to no weightage. You cannot connect with any of the characters since they are so badly written and acted. All in all, skip this one for the sake of your mental peace.

Family Pack is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Family Pack is difficult to sit through because neither does it have a story nor the characters to keep you invested.


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Family Pack is difficult to sit through because neither does it have a story nor the characters to keep you invested.Family Pack Review: Likith Shetty, Amrutha Iyengar Film is a Watch Like No Other