Fahadh Faasil Says Joji is His Most Difficult Character

National Award-winning Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil is basking in the acclaim his new film Joji has garnered, ever since it dropped digitally last week. The actor says this has been his toughest role so far.

The film directed by Dileesh Pothan is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

“By far Joji is the most difficult character,” Fahadh Faasil told IANS. “I have read Macbeth to be very unstable from within even if he looks strong. This is my approach and take. It was difficult to bring the entire instability. I have tried to make Macbeth a little familiar. I dont think there are any humans without greed and ambition. That is an emotion, everyone connects to. I have tried to explore that aspect of Macbeth,” he adds.

Written by Syam Pushkaran, the film also features Baburaj, Shammi Thilakan, Alistair Alex, and Unnimaya Prasad, Basil Joseph and Sunny PN.

Dileesh and Fahadh last collaborated on the award winning film Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum.

“I took a long time to crack Joji as a character, it’s definitely my toughest role till date. Tougher than my last film with Dileesh. In fact, even Dileesh said that this was the toughest film he has shot,” said Fahadh about his latest film, which released on Amazon Prime Video.

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