Is EXO’s Kai Coming To India? Find Out The Real Reason Behind This Twitter Hype

EXO’s Kai is trending all over Twitter! Trends like #KAIComingToIndia is peaking with every passing second. With a brief look, you might almost be convinced that it is a faux trend, on a closer inspection though you will realize it is not. In fact, the South Korean boy group member is all set to give a Christmas surprise we did not know we needed, until today. The singer was recently a contestant at Netflix’s New World, did not hold back while putting across his message and love to the EXO-Ls living in India. A recently surfaced video gives you all the details you need to know about the singer’s arrival in India.

Watch: Kai’s Love For EXO’s Indian Fans

The recently surfaced video on Twitter that lead to the birth of this trend is, in fact, an interview teaser! So, is the artist coming to India? Yes, but virtually. Featuring Sakshma Srivastav, an exclusive interview hosted by the Times Network. The teaser of the same interview is what led to the hype.

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Watch the teaser below:

The “E NOW” interview teaser features both the interviewer and the interviewee on a virtual video chat, talking about various things. The segment covers a part where the boy band singer says, “Indian EXO-Ls, aap mera pehla pyaar, aur aakhri bhi” which translates to “Indian EXO-Ls, you are my first & last love”. This kind and loving gesture is what has sent fans reeling about the New World contestant.

Meanwhile, the interview is going to be out on 25th December at different platforms during different times. You can stream it on December 25 at 1:30 PM on Times Now and Times Now World. On the same date, it can also be watched on Zoom at 4:30 PM and on Mirror Now First at 2:30 PM. Repeat telecast of the interview will also be available on December 26, 2021.

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