Euphoria Season 2 Finale: Did Rue and Jules Get Back Together in the End?

Euphoria Season 2 Finale aired on Sunday. The show stars Zendaya as Rue, Hunter Schafer as Jules, Jacob Elordi as Nate, Sydney Sweeney as Cassie, Dominic Fike as Elliot and several others. Sam Levinson wrote and directed the latest season, which had 8 episodes. In the mid-season, Jules cheats on Rue by making out with Elliot.

When Jules and Elliot inform Rue’s mother about her drug relapse, Rue gets very angry. She yells at Jules, “You don’t love me. You just love to be loved.” It’s the end of Jules and Rue’s relationship. At that time, many fans thought Rue must have figured out about Jules was cheating on her with Elliot. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

In Euphoria Season 2 Finale on HBOMax, Rue goes to meet Elliot. Rue tells him that she was very angry and thankful about revealing the truth to her mom. Elliot even performs a song for her. So, it was clear that Rue still wasn’t aware of what happened between her friend and her ex-girlfriend. So did Rue and Jules get together again? Well, here’s what happened.

Euphoria Season 2 Finale: What Happened Between Rue and Jules?

After everyone leaves the auditorium after the play, Jules goes to Rue. Jules says, “I know you’re still probably angry at me. But I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I miss you so much.” Rue gets emotional after hearing those words. But she doesn’t say it back to Jules. She gives a forehead kiss to Jules and walks away. So to answer, Rue and Jules don’t get back together in HBO’s Euphoria Season 2 Finale.

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Rue then narrates, “Jules was my first life. I’d like to remember it that way. I don’t know if that’s actually true though. I think I was high for too much of it. I know it wasn’t easy for her. I hope she forgives me.”

Does this mean Rue and Jules will not get together again in Euphoria Season 3? Well, Rue seems to have made up her mind. But anything can happen in Sam Levinson’s world!

Euphoria Season 2 Finale Update

What do you think of Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8? Do you think Rue and Jules are perfect for each other and should date again? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Watch the series here.

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  1. Yeah I don’t get it… why did she not say anything to Jules though? She literally got into her face and said horrible shit and Jules was the one who apologised? After rue apologised to everyone else pretty much? I don’t get it… it wasn’t implied that rue knew about the cheating either?

  2. Yes I think Jules and rue should get back together because it shows that love at some time can conquer addiction and Jules was good for rue and made her shine. It would be ashame not to have them get back together. If rue portrays sobriety and full recovery she should have to make amends to Jules and show that she is working the program so people can see that rehab and na and family and friends support goes along way when you are on the road to recovery, it’s a hard road but can be done. I’ve been clean over 3 years and euphoria with hunter Schafer really brought out my inner child and for that I am thankful. Me and my girlfriend broke up because of our addiction I got clean and now we are back together so yes Jules and rue have to get back together to show that second chances go along way and things are way better when u r sober and in love.

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