Ethics and values

LeisureByte was established in 2020, and is a part of TechQuila. We at LeisureByte:

- Believe in constantly evolving. We are passionate about maintaining our integrity and are fuelled by our love for movies and all things media.

- Are trying to build a website with content that is informative as well as friendly. It is a place where you will get all the information that you will need, but you will get it from the friendliest people out there.

- Believe in equality. For us, the audience and our writers are equally important. That means we won’t post anything that might hurt the sentiments of our readers. However, the thoughts and opinions of our writers are important to us as well.

- Will guide our writers to be better. That means, we strive to give our team clear instructions on what to do and how to go about it so that both the audience and the writers find it easy to be with us.

- Are always open to conversations. None of us think that we know it all, so we always encourage our writers and audience to reach out and tell us if we’re doing something wrong. We can all grow through constructive criticism!

- Believe in change. As the world and the audience keep changing, so do we.

- Don’t believe in gossip. Although it’s nice sometimes, that’s not something that we will ever get into.

- Will always try to hold on to our readers’ trust and never take it for granted.

Corrections, updates and deletions

- LeisureByte tries its level best to get it right on the first go. That means a lot of research and a lot of asking around.

- However, in the event that we misprint something, we take responsibility of our missteps and immediately update what is necessary.

- If a typo is made or information is uploaded that may cause the audience to misunderstand a situation, we will mention it in the story while updating to keep everything transparent in front of the audience.

- LeisureByte never removes posts for any reason once it goes live. But in the off-chance that we do, the audience will be intimated with the news and will be given the reason for the deletion.

Social Media

- At LeisureByte, our writers are chosen with utmost care and are good at their job. They are also kind and have great values that makes them a positive influence in their communities and a valuable member of society.

- Thus, we always strive to ask our writers to be careful on the internet and use their platform to bring about positive change with love and compassion, while also being firm in their beliefs.

- We realise that the way a person behaves on social media is a reflection of their personal as well as professional lives. Thus, our writers are urged to be respectful and have integrity when addressing others on social media since they are the voices of LeisureByte.

- Any form of harassment or bullying incidents are dealt with strictly and with the utmost urgency by LeisureByte, whether it be by our writers or members of the community.

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