Eros Now’s Hindmata Review: Just One Question – Why?

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Eros Now has been releasing different kinds of content for the past few months. While not all are worth binge-watching, some are okay. Their latest release is Hindmata, a web show directed by Srishti Jayin and produced by Manor Rama Pictures. It stars Jayashree Venkataramanan, Rashi Mal, Trupti Khamkhar, Shruti Jolly, Manasi Rachh. Check out why we are not pleased with the web series.

The first question I want to ask the makers is ‘WHY?’ Why would you come up with such an interesting concept only to make a mockery out of it. The screenplay is not good enough; the execution is poor, which led to the caricaturish or overacted performances.

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What is Hindmata exactly about? It’s a story of women empowerment, and I am not surprised that it failed to be a decent one. If there’s one thing I have accepted, it’s the failure of Indian filmmakers to create great content tackling women’s issues. While some have closely succeeded, many can’t stop themselves from adding stereotypes.

In the Eros Now series, we get to see several women inside a female prison called ‘Hindmata‘. Their life is about to change as fashion designer Samaira Jal (Rashi Mal) and Anita (Jayashree Venkataramanan) enter their lives. Samaira is a fashion designer dealing with financial losses. She has a big order coming her way but to save employment expenditure, she teams up with Anita, who runs an NGO. Together, they visit the women’s prison and get them to stitch their clothes.

Hindmata Review
A still from Hindmata
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Samaira tells them that it’s a ‘stitching workshop’ that will help them to learn new skills. The inmates create dramas, and not everyone is willing to sign up to learn anything. There then’s drama, then some more drama with overacting and more drama, making no sense. The director wanted to give a satirical touch to their story. But it ends up big a mess that won’t impress you.

Hindmata shows the trouble jail inmates face, whether it’s the clean toilet issues, health problems or overcrowding. But there’s no impact despite the problems being a reality. It’s hard to stay focused and watch the series with a straight face when the writing itself doesn’t seem serious.

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Along with a good concept, another added factor that works in its favour is the number of episodes and the duration. I am glad there are only 6 episodes that are less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it would have been a challenge if there was more. While showcasing some real concerns, they ended up making it non-believable to the max.

A still from Hindmata trailer

Hindmata: Is it worth it?

Overall, Hindmata is a brilliant idea presented poorly. It had the potential of being a wonderful show. But the lame humour and lazy writing ruined it. You can skip the Eros Now series as it offers nothing interesting. It lacks the ’empowering’ factor entirely. It’s sad to see the talents of some good actors getting wasted in the show.

Hindmata is currently streaming on Eros Now.

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Hindmata is a brilliant idea presented poorly. It had the potential of being a wonderful show. But the lame humour and lazy writing ruined it.
Pooja Darade
Insatiable cinematic soul.


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