Emily in Paris Season 2 Trailer: Lily Collins Follows Her Heart

‘Emily in Paris Season’ 2 trailer gives us jitters about how Emily feels in a beautiful city with a lost heart. The romantic drama created by Darren Star is back with a second season and it looks better than before offering us prettier views and more fashion and drama. The Netflix series is headlined by Lily Collins who plays the titular character in the rom-com. The cast also includes Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Camille Razat and, William Abadie.

The ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 trailer gives us glimpses of what Emily’s story is going to feel like in the upcoming season. The 20-something newbie in Paris is no longer a newbie anymore and yet, she hardly knows what to do and how to navigate through life.

Emily in Paris Season 2: “Oui to Me”

The YouTube description for the trailer reads: “Say “oui to me” and follow your heart this holiday season.” The trailer shows us how Emily is confused about where she is heading with her love interest, Gabriel. Meanwhile, the life around her seems to get to a standstill as she is infuriated and intrigued by her fellow expat. Work keeps getting complicated and our Emily seems to be missing out on most of the fun. Until she takes charge of her life and follows her heart.

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Lily Collins is stunning in the new trailer as she has been throughout the first season. The wide shots of Paris promise us that we might get to see more of the city playing in sync with our protagonist’s mood adding more edge to the series. The fashion is outrageously good and we cannot wait to see Emily again make a style statement!

Check out the Emily in Paris Season 2 trailer below:

‘Emily in Paris’ season 2 will release on Netflix on 22nd December 2021. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the first season of ‘Emily in Paris’ here.

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