Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán Review: Trouble in Paradise?

Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán starring Miguel Bernardeau, Mina El Hammani, and Omar Ayuso released on Netflix today. Just like Elite Short Stories Guzmán Caye Rebe, the series had three short episodes. Creators Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona are entertaining fans with an update on their favourite characters before the drama begins in Elite Season 4.

Nadia (Mina El Hammani) heads to New York for her higher studies at the end of Elite Season 3. Nadia and Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) believe that they can work with a long-distance relationship. However, Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán has something else to tell.

The episode starts with Omar (Omar Ayuso) telling Nadia that their sister is getting married and has invited them to the wedding. Nadia, who is at a friend’s birthday party in Brooklyn, is not pleased with the invitation. She doesn’t want to come back for two reasons – she’s mad at her sister for leaving them and Guzmán. Omar somehow convinces his sister on one condition that he will not tell Guzmán that his girlfriend is coming there for a few days.

Later, Guzmán tells Omar that he has booked tickets to New York and will travel to meet Nadia. The dates clash with Nadia and Omar’s sister’s wedding weekend. So Omar has no choice but to tell Guzmán the truth. After learning the truth, Guzmán confronts Nadia, and they end up fighting.

Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán
Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán Review: Trailer still

Nadia tells her boyfriend that it will be difficult for her to say goodbye again to him. Hence, she was avoiding meeting/seeing him. So they decide that they will not meet but will stay connected on the phone. On the wedding day, Omar tells his elder sister that Nadia isn’t willing to see Guzmán because she’s worried that she won’t feel the butterflies in her stomach like before. With some doubt on her face, Nadia denies Omar’s claims.

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Nadia breaks her promise and meets Guzmán, but she lays some terms and conditions that annoy him. Nadia tells Guzmán that it should be an average date to avoid having trouble saying goodbye to each other. After another argument, we find out the real reason why she’s acting strange. I won’t be giving away that revelation in my Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán review.

Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán Review
Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán Review: Still from the trailer

Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán hinted at trouble in paradise. We know that actor Mina El Hammani won’t be returning as Nadia in Elite Season 4. There are reports that she will have a few appearances as the story will focus on the new cast and some of the old members. So this short story felt like a teaser that probably Nadia and Guzmán are not the endgame, or maybe they are?

Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzmán: Is it worth watching?

Today’s short story has got us curious/worried about Nadia and Guzmán’s future as a couple. Seeing them act strangely and fight twice is a bit stressful. Until we find answers in Elite season 4, you should definitely check out their short story.

Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzmán is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Is it trouble in paradise for Nadia and Guzmán? This short story provides the truth.

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