From Eight To Stay Alive, 7 BTS SUGA Produced Songs You Need To Know

BTS Rapper SUGA is known for his fast raps and genius lyrics. He has written and produced many songs for his band BTS and also for his mixtape with his alias Agust D. BTS SUGA was originally hired as a music producer for BTS and ended up becoming the band member. He has been producing music even before his debut and he is now a successful music producer who is in demand from artists all around the world.

From IU to Halsey and Jungkook, Psy to JUICE WRLD, BTS SUGA has songs like Eight, That That, Eternal Sunshine and more under his name as a producer. He has produced more songs for female artists than male artists and all of them have become a huge hits. If you don’t know yet, check out these songs produced by BTS SUGA.


List of Best BTS SUGA Produced Songs

Eight by IU

This 2020 release from IU was a superhit. SUGA has not only produced but also features in the song. Lyrics for Eight are written by IU, SUGA and El Capitxn and talk about the then age of both IU and SUGA, twenty-eight. It is a pop-rock song with a longing for hopeful events in life as it goes on.

Wine by Suran

Wine or also titled If I Get Drunk Today is a 2017 hip-hop and R&B song by Suran. This is SUGA’s first music production outside BTS. The lyrics are written by Suran, Changmo, Slow Rabbit and June and talk about a person thinking about their past relationships while drinking wine. Changmo also features in the song and adds the hip-hop element to this groovy song.

Stay Alive by Jungkook

Released in February 2022, Stay Alive is the OST for BTS’ collaboration webtoon with Naver, 7 Fates: Chakho. This pop ballad is sung by Jungkook and features SUGA’s signature production style. The song sounds mysterious and the lyrics talk about fate and are written referring to the story of the webtoon.

We Don’t Talk Together by Heize

We Don’t Talk Together is a 2019 single by popular Korean singer Heize. This R&B song also features Giriboy who adds Hip-Hop beats to it making the song groovy. The lyrics are written by Heize, SUGA and Giriboy and talk about an ex-couple losing their love and affection for each other.

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Eternal Sunshine by Epik High

Eternal Sunshine is a 2019 hip-hop/rap track by iconic hip-hop trio Epik High from their album, Sleepless in __________. The song is written by Tablo, SUGA and El Capitxn and talks about optimism. This is SUGA’s only Rap/Hip-hop production for an artist besides himself and BTS.

You by OMI

You is an upbeat pop song by Japanese singer OMI from his album ANSWER… SHINE. Composed by SUGA, El Capitxn, UTA, Yohei and Shin Won Park, the singer talks to his lover about their relationship and appreciates them for being in his life, in this song. This is SUGA’s first music production for a Japanese artist.

That That by PSY

The most recent music production of SUGA, That That by PSY features on PSY’s 9th Studio album, Psy The 9th. Not only SUGA has produced the song but he also features in the song with his iconic rap. In this funky song, the singers talk about post-pandemic situations and how they feel about them as artists. This song is one of the top trending songs of 2022.

How many of his productions have you listened to? Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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