Dybbuk Actor Emraan Hashmi on Why Horror-Comedy is a Sub-Genre of Serious Horror Films

Actor Emraan Hashmi launched the trailer of his upcoming horror film Dybbuk on Wednesday. The actor was joined at the event in Mumbai by Nikita Dutta, director Jay K and producer Kumar Mangat Pathak. The film is a Halloween treat for Indian fans, which they can watch in their home.

At the Dybbuk trailer launch, Emraan was asked about his love for horror films. The talented actor has worked in several movies like Raaz 2, 3 and 4 and Ek Thi Daayan. When asked about how Bollywood often does horror-comedies, the actor gave an interesting answer.

Emraan Hashmi said, “I have been watching horror films since childhood. I enjoy this genre. I’ve worked in Raaz 2, Raaz 3, Ek Thi Daayan and Raaz 4. The wave of horror comedies (that has come) is a sub-genre. This (horror) is the mother genre. This is the way horror should be primarilary consumed. It’s great that people enjoy those films too. I believe this (horror) genre is not explored much in our country.”

“Not a lot of films are made. Not many stars understand the horror genre which affects the budget. I think it is a genre that has immense potential. There should be more home-grown horror films as our culture is vast and we have a lot of folklore. It is high time we explore the genre,” added the actor.

Watch Emraan Hashmi’s answer below:

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Meanwhile, Dybbuk is slated to release on Amazon Prime Video on October 29, 2021. In a statement, Hashmi said, “The film will mark my first digital feature film, and I am extremely excited to have taken this journey with my favourite genre and with Amazon Prime Video as the streaming partner.”

The film is a remake of Jay K’s Malayalam film Ezra.

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