Dour (2022) Review: Mosharraf Karim Series Burns Brain Cells

Dour is a thriller series directed by Raihan Khan and stars Mosharraf Karim, Intekhab Dinar, Tariq Anam Khan, and Robena Reza, alongside other cast members. The series has 9 episodes, each with a runtime of around 30 minutes.

Hoichoi describes the series as:

When the car of an immoral contractor goes missing, both his business and family face jeopardy. He starts a race against time to find the missing car. But the police are on his trail in connection to a murder in the city.

– Dour review does not contain spoilers –

Bangladeshi series Dour is about a lot of things at the same time – a missing car, a missing child, important missing papers and a dead guy. Honestly, all of these elements should’ve made the series a gripping watch, but Dour just feels disconnected and inconsistent. Things happen, but the acting and the dialogue delivery are just so shoddy and the flow of the story so disjointed that it becomes difficult to even sit through.


Dour starts with a car crash and the barely-alive passenger being dragged out of the wreckage. We then meet the corrupt contractor whose life is about to go up in flames. Ruhul is supposed to be ruthless and merciless. However, the series only showcases him as this individual who might just have a mental disorder. His sudden mood shifts are nothing short of annoying since you sit there and watch him abusing people for no apparent reason. I think we’re over the phase of ruthlessness being showcased with verbal abuse – there are other, more chilling, ways of bringing this forward.

Moreover, as the runtime moves forward, the different incidents that are stitched together feel confusing and sometimes even boring. Some things happen just for the heck of it, other scenes are probably meant to be very clever, but don’t add together. Most go on for far too long with horrendous acting. But at the end of the day, the series is boring and doesn’t bring forth all of these mighty themes that it promises to deliver. If anything, there’s a solid lack of logic.

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But, the most atrocious and unfair part is the horrendous acting and the dialogue. Half of these dialogues don’t sync with the scenes and as a result, the series is nothing short of a disturbing watch. Almost all of these people feel like they are uncomfortable being in front of the camera and delivering dialogues in the most forceful and unnatural way possible. Most have a set face that they don’t change regardless of what situation they are in, for example, Tariq Anam Khan’s Hayder Ali always looks annoyed, as if he ate something bad that is now messing with his digestion.

The saddest thing is that these are good actors. But you can see the disdain and lack of interest in these actors’ acting. It’s like, no one was really interested in being in this show, but was forced to read lines for some reason. Mosharraf Karim is the most natural of the lot and the only good part about this series. I just wish he got a better script to actually make a lasting impact.

Summing up: Dour


Dour 2022 is just a sad and disappointing watch that no one was really intersted in. The script, editing and acting are all lacklustre at best and absolutely horrendous at worst. Things happen without much rhyme or reason and take too long to get to the point. I get the idea, I really do. But the execution is just so bad that you wonder why you are being subjected to this mess and what the creators were thinking before jumping into this absolute shitshow.

Dour is streaming on Hoichoi.

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Dour is an atrocious watch with the worst editing and acting one might see in a while.

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Dour is an atrocious watch with the worst editing and acting one might see in a while.Dour (2022) Review: Mosharraf Karim Series Burns Brain Cells