Don’t Look Up Review: Leonardo DiCaprio-Jennifer Lawrence Starrer Is a Satire For the Self-Aware

Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is written, directed and produced by NBC’s Saturday Night Live’s head writer Adam McKay. The film has an ensemble headlined by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence along with Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and several others. The film is a little more than two hours long.

– Netflix’s Don’t Look Up review does not contain spoilers –

Don’t Look Up: Based on Real Events That Haven’t Happened – Yet

In today’s world, satires don’t find themselves a place in people’s hearts. Unless, of course, it is Succession which flaunts the Emmys it has collected on its shelf to prove itself to be worthy of every minute of screentime. The reason why satires are so underappreciated comes from the inherent feeling of denial human beings have mastered over the years. The most recent example can be the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, which people initially dismissed as a hoax and even after the pandemic emerged with gravity on the global level, the seriousness of vaccines, masks and maintaining social distance is still kept in everyone’s back pocket like a lost penny.

Satires are not essentially supposed to make people laugh but, to simulate anger, a feeling of discomfort and sadness and irony. Satires are for the self-aware, the people who are ready to accept the flaws and tragedies around them. Only then can you laugh at your troubles. Don’t Look Up does all of it right and maybe, that is why not everyone will be in agreement that this is one of the most real-age satires to come out in recent times.

We meet two low-level astronomers who approach every figure of importance, starting from the government to the media, to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. However, the world’s response is not to panic and plan to save the planet. It swims in its own bubble of social media outrage, political bubble to use the destruction of mankind in its favour to generate favours and riches and self-induced destruction to turn a blind eye to reality and only focus on what is “trending”.

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Don’t Look Up is not subtle with its portrayal. It takes real-life characters from the 21st century and turns them into figures who do exactly what they do to us in the real world. It is blunt with its jokes that hit you right on your face starting from racism to fascism. And all the while, it does not falter to give out the true message: we are all like mockingbirds in a jungle, mimicking each others’ movements and voices, based on what is profiting us, forgetting about the larger world and the consequences everyone is going to ultimately face.

Don’t Look Up: Actors In-focus

A stellar cast gives a stellar performance. Meryl Streep brings her energy from Devil Wears Prada back on screen and Jonah Hill continues to humour us stupidly as he has always done. Cate Blanchett, Timothee Chalamet and Rob Morgan clearly are each others’ opposites setting the reflective tone for the people who can’t see beyond their mirrors, the ones who believe in God no matter how they act and the segment of the society who confront reality head-on, respectively.

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Jennifer Lawrence is finally more than a pretty face. She is intelligent, disastrous and by the end, filled with acceptance. However, it is Leonardo DiCaprio who steals the show. His entire character arc is so real and genuine to the way the majority of the population behave- filled with panic and anxiety when initially confronted with reality and then finds a comfortable spot to distance oneself from the reality until it is too late and all you can do is smile and accept the world for what it is. The way the character is written and subsequently portrayed is phenomenal.

Don’t Look Up: Final Verdict

If you are someone blindside by agenda and have found comfort in your denial, Don’t Look Up is not your cup of tea. But, if you are willing to see beyond the Alice’s Looking Glass everyone is captured in, you will be thrilled, impressed and overwhelmed by how nicely the film leaves no stoned underturned and no gut unpunched. The runtime might seem staggering long and that can possibly be the only drawback in this film.

Don’t Look Up is now streaming on Netflix.

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Don't Look Up is a modern-day satire that cannot be watched with rose-tinted glasses and deserves your real attention.

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Don't Look Up Review: Leonardo DiCaprio-Jennifer Lawrence Starrer Is a Satire For the Self-AwareDon't Look Up is a modern-day satire that cannot be watched with rose-tinted glasses and deserves your real attention.