Dollface Season 2 Review: Kat Dennings Starrer Tries to Be Less Funny and More Feminist, Not in a Good Way

Dollface Season 2 has finally arrived on Hulu with lots of chaotic girlfriend fun! The show is created by Jordan Weiss and, produced by Melanie J. Elin and Michael Gray. Kat Dennings features as the title character Dollface aka Jules Wiley along with her three terrific girlfriends that include Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell, Shay Mitchell as Stella Cole and Esther Povitsky as Izzy Levine. The rest of the cast includes old actors such as Beth Grant, Connor Hines, Brianne Howey, Vella Lovell, Malin Åkerman and Goran Visnjic as well as new additions like Jayson Blair, Corinne Foxx, Luke Cook, Chelsea Frei and Lilly Singh. The series consists of 10 episodes, each of which is 30 mins long.

– Hulu’s Dollface Season 2 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Dollface Season 2: Is this Another Sex and the City Reboot?

Unlike, the previous season, Dollface Season 2 starts off on a positive note for Kat Dennings’ Jules. And, maybe that is where it all goes wrong because the show loses its entertaining essence of being a fantastical comedy and, pushes itself over the edge to empower Jules and her crew in the shadow of badly scripted feminism.

After the confrontational and sensation season finale in Dollface season 1, everyone including Jules has been looking forward to getting sacked off at Woöm. But, turns out Jules’ boss, Celeste is on her path to creating a legacy and, because of that offers Jules to either take a promotion at the firm or, let go of it. Brenda Song’s Madison, on the other hand, is living a life that hasn’t been a bed of roses. After Colin’s betrayal from last season, Madison gets fired from her firm and, starts off being an independent publicist, which of course does not go according to plan.

Meanwhile, Shay Mitchell’s Stella is back in town and, has scored herself a lucrative internship at a finance company. But, with the entry of Lily Singh’s Liv in the picture, things take a weird, off-the-books, romantic as well as entrepreneurial turn for Stella. But, how well will it work out for our head-fast bossy character?

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As for Esther Povitsky’s Izzy, things are off the balance scale for this character. She feels underestimated at work and, in her newfound relationship with Liam (a new character played by Jayson Blair in season 2). As the scales tip to the extreme, we see how hard and confusing life gets for Izzy.

But, irrespective of their personal and professional problems and failures, the girls stick together and, have each others’ back, which might be the only winning score in this season. As for the premise, it gets less interesting and funny as time goes by and, sucks you into a boring drama with a talking cat in the body of a lady around. The jokes land poorly and, the effort to make the show about women empower shatters all around the episodes.

Hitting 30s, being drowned in existential crisis, the uncertainty of life and, the unpredictability of love lives, all the themes that have been relevant in season one, continue in this season too. But, it lacks any form of depth with surface-level jokes and, some unnecessary, forceful moments. Of course, the chemistry between our four main friends is amazing and magnetic, making you want to stick by just to root for them.

Dollface Season 2: Final Verdict

Dollface Season 2 lacks its endearing essence from season one. It gives us four beautiful women to lead the show but, it does no justice to them. Overall, it is a pretty passable series and, given how season 2 has ended, the scope for a third season after this would require some heavy socks to be pulled up.

You can stream all the episodes of both seasons of Dollface now on Hulu.

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Dollface Season 2 tries too hard to be funny and feministic with some great girlfriend chemistry from the mains.

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Dollface Season 2 tries too hard to be funny and feministic with some great girlfriend chemistry from the mains. Dollface Season 2 Review: Kat Dennings Starrer Tries to Be Less Funny and More Feminist, Not in a Good Way