Watch: Dog Gets Attitude From Other Pooch, Fake Rain in Dubai

If you are one of those fortunate beings who have a dog, you know life is fun every day! Thanks to social media, people who don’t have pets get to see their cuteness via videos and pictures. One such page that keeps the feed blessed with adorable doggo videos is We Rate Dogs. Their recent video of a canine’s reaction to its own mirror reflection is adorable.

In the video, a canine named Jasper is confused why the pooch on the other side is giving him a look. Jasper, unaware that it’s his own reflection, even barks at the other doggo. His innocence and expressions have melted people’s hearts on the internet. Some even made cute jokes about his confusion.

In the comments, one person wrote, “He protec, he attac, but he kinda confused. 🤷🏽‍♂️”. One person made The Office joke and wrote, “Identity theft is not a joke, jasper.” An internet user is also confused with the video. So they asked, “Which dog is jasper?” The person got a hilarious reply, “The left one. The one on the right is named Repsaj.”

“He protecc, he attacc, most importantly… the guy in the mirror fight baccc,” commented another pup lover. Someone related to Jasper’s predicament and wrote, “Me when I get mad at myself for how I acted.” One more person wrote, “He’s so pupset that some other boi would be in his face like that”.

The video is too cute and will leave a bright smile on your face. We Rate Dogs captioned it, “This is Jasper. He’s not sure why this dog is giving him so much attitude. Got all pup in his face. 14/10 for Jasper but only 12/10 for the other guy (courtesy @2southernsausages)”.

Watch the cute AF video of dog Jasper:

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Another trending news is about fake rain in Dubai, a solution to the scorching heat. If you are reading the news, you must be aware that some parts of the world are receiving heavy rainfall. But there are cities or countries where people are dealing with heat waves. Dubai is also dealing with soaring temperatures of 122F or 50°C.

To give a respite from the intense heat, UAE created fake rain in Dubai using drones that fly in the clouds and charge it with a extreme shock that brings them together and lead to rainfall. UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology shared a video of fake rain pouring on one of the highways.

Watch the video of fake rain in Dubai:

These two videos are going viral on the internet. The dog’s adorableness is taking away people’s midweek blues, whereas the fake rain video leaves them in awe of the technology. Which one is your favourite? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Well, that’s all for now from the trending world of the internet. Keep reading this space for more such exciting stories.

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