Doctor Lawyer Episode 2 Recap: Prison, Breakup and Naivety

Doctor Lawyer (닥터 로이어) is a Korean law-drama TV series directed by Lee Yong-seok and stars So Ji-sub, Lim Soo-hyang and Shin Sung-rok, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and takes over MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by TomorrowDoctor Lawyer episode 2 has a runtime of 62 minutes.

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– Doctor Lawyer Episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

Doctor Lawyer episode 2 stars with Jin-ki telling Yi-han and everyone in the operation room that he has taken another person’s heart out illegally who died in the same car crash. I like how these people are simply extracting hearts out of people like it’s the most normal thing to do without any supervision. Either way, Jin-ki feels Yi-han some sob story and convinces him to do the surgery.

doctor lawyer episode 2
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 2

After that is successful as well, he goes to a hotel room and passes out. In the morning, bad news reaches him as Seok-ju stops responding and in spite of Yi-han’s best efforts, Seok-ju passes away right in front of Seok-yeong. The latter is heartbroken and inconsolable and implores Yi-han to bring her brother back and he can do nothing but console her.

Yi-han tries to figure out how everything happened while other doctors ask Seok-yeong to donate his organs. After an organ donation as well as an autopsy, the doctor tells Yi-han and Seok-yeong that he died because of the surgery and that something went wrong. Yi-han refuses to believe her but Seok-yeong is left heartbroken but she doesn’t want to believe that Yi-han can do such a thing. He is later also denied accessing Seok-ju’s medical records since he has to be investigated.

Meanwhile, Yi-han slowly realizes that there’s something is amiss after the hospital circulates an announcement that Yi-han will be let go of the cardiothoracic department and will be investigated. Anyway, he goes on a rampage to find the patient on whom he operated the other night and although he finds the patient, no one lets him near them and takes him away from the ICU room. It’s clear that the hospital is trying to do its best to pin everything on Yi-han and they are successful in doing so as well.

Yi-han realizes why Jn-ki has done as he is being interrogated. Obviously, the investigators try very hard to make him accept the fault, which he vehemently denies. Either way, he is taken away regardless and put in prison as Seok-ju’s body is incinerated. When his case goes to trial, Park Kitae, his closest confidant, lies on the stand, along with everyone else who was present in the operating room. The trial goes as well as anyone imagines and the prosecutor finds the money in his house, things just look worse for him.

At the prison, Yi-han gets beaten by the other prisoners and as he’s sleeping in the infirmary, Jin-ki visits him and tells him to agree to medical malpractice. In that way, if he shows remorse, he won’t get jail time but his license will be revoked. Yi-han asks him whether the heart that the VIP received was Soek-ju’s and that he will tell everyone the truth in court. However, Jin-ki tells him to do so if he wants to die in prison and let his mother die as well.

Either way, he threatens Yi-han saying that if he doesn’t accept the charges, he and his mother will definitely die. At Yi-han’s second trial, he accepts the charges against him without having any options. The judge, unfortunately for him, gives him a two-year jail term and a two-year stay of execution and Yi-han almost seems like he’s given up trying to make things right.

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doctor lawyer episode 2
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 2

As Seok-yeong catches up to him and asks him why he accepted the charges, Yi-han tells her that he did kill him and ends their relationship so that they don’t hurt each other more. An angry Seok-yeong promises to hurt the doctors who murder others – if she doesn’t, then who will? Meanwhile, Jin-ki congratulates the VIP patient on his new and young heart and asks him to uphold his end of the promise.

5 years later, in the present, Yi-han is a hot-shot lawyer who deals with medical litigation. Seok-yeong is all about bringing “murderers” to justice and apparently detests doctors. Anyway, Park Kitae is the one on the stand this time, from the beginning of the first episode, and Seok-yeong isn’t taking his crap one bit. As Kitae falls unconscious, Yi-han arrives on the scene as we see the first scene getting repeated again.

Doctor Lawyer Episode 2 Review

doctor lawyer episode 2
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 2

Another thrilling episode makes Doctor Lawyer episode 2 an entertaining watch. Although you’d be able to figure out that Jin-ki obviously removed Seok-ju’s heart like its playtime, it’s still devastating to watch Yi-han’s face when he finally realizes. For a doctor of this stature, Yi-han is entirely too naïve, to be honest! I mean, going down to the depths of the hospital and performing an illegal and shadowy operation which the director doesn’t even want to get into is quite dumb for him. As is his complete trust in Jin-ki.

Regardless, it seems like he has learnt his lesson and will be ruthless and unsympathetic from now on. His character arc remains to be seen in the later episodes. When it comes to Seok-yeong, I have a feeling she will be reduced to that woman who is out for blood with little to no character growth. I am waiting to be proven wrong, of course, but it’s a trope that I have seen over and over again in Korean dramas. I really do want to see the female lead get some type of good character arc instead of being the bereaved relative out to get vengeance!

Doctor Lawyer is streaming on Disney+.

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Doctor Lawyer episode 2 is another thrilling and twisty episode that keeps the viewers hooked!

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Doctor Lawyer Episode 2 Recap: Prison, Breakup and NaivetyDoctor Lawyer episode 2 is another thrilling and twisty episode that keeps the viewers hooked!