Dobara Alvida Review: A Ride to Remember

Dobara Alvida, released under the LargeShort Films banner, stars Swara Bhasker and Gulshan Devaiah. Directed by Shashank S Singh this short film has a running time of 25 minutes. It is currently streaming on YouTube, a short, sweet emotional ride to take.

The story of Dobara Alvida is about two estranged lovers who meet on a shared cab after 1 and a half years. So, as they recall their memories, hop on this cab and be a part of their ride. And, the best part about short films is that it doesn’t have to say everything and yet you will understand it properly.

Dobara Alvida

‘Dobara Alvida’ means Goodbye Again, but do we not say goodbye as a courtesy, hoping to meet them again?

This short film opens with a scene where a guy, named Kunal (played by Gulshan), gets into a cab ride hoping to reach his destination, not knowing what his destiny will unfurl.

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As the cab driver starts the car, he realises that he is crossing the same roads he used to do a year and a half ago. Soon, all of his memories start to rush in when the cab driver gets another booking and he turns to pick the other person.

As soon as the person (Swara) gets into the cab, Kunal realises who is she. And then the story moves along. They pick up from where they left off. A relationship has a lot of ups and downs but you shouldn’t deal with it with ego. There are unspoken things that we cannot say when we are in that relationship. But once it breaks, we are able to say those things unapologetically without thinking much.

He still buys ‘chikki’ (a traditional sweet made of jaggery and nuts), she still wears earrings gifted by him. On their journey, they get back to their problems, and when finally Kunal says, “Is it too late?” It’s Swara’s reply that will touch your heart the most.

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So, will they end up together, or will they bid adieu and this will be the end? To know what happens, watch it on YouTube. It won’t take much of your time.

To sum it up: Dobara Alvida

The story may seem known to you but the presentation is beautiful. The director tried to bring out the best out of the two through this short film. The whole film is shot in a cab. It was challenging but for us, it’s definitely something new to watch. There’s a soothing song based on the short film’s title as well, which might just stick with you.

Dobara Alvida

I enjoy Swara Bhasker’s acting and in my perspective, she did a good job in it. Even though, I don’t really feel connected to Gulshan Devaiah’s acting much, in this short film he tried to put out his efforts and did a good job. To be honest, I am a sucker for romantic tragedies so I enjoyed it because the points they raised in their conversation in this short film are valid. I may not have cried at the end but it’s a good one-time watch.

Dobara Alvida streaming on YouTube.

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Dobara Alvida is a story of two estranged lovers who recollect their memories on a cab ride.

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Dobara Alvida is a story of two estranged lovers who recollect their memories on a cab ride.Dobara Alvida Review: A Ride to Remember