Disney Will Donate $1 Million to Charity from Face Masks Sale

Disney is using its immense influence on the life of people all around the world and using characters from the plethora of its shows to create and sell face masks. The company will then donate the money to charity.

The face masks will feature characters from big-budget banners like Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars as well as characters from Disney itself. These banners, all under Disney’s ever-growing umbrella, have a very strong influence on the lives of people from all generations.

The company also has also designed one mask that can help cosplayers to dress-up if they dress like Mickey, Pooh, stitch or Marie from The Aristocats.

Disney Masks
Disney Masks

Disney will release the non-medical, reusable cloth masks in-line with CDC recommendations to wear face-coverings in public brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. They are already up for pre-order on their website. All proceeds until September 30, and up to $1 million, will go to the humanitarian organisation MedShare.

Moreover, Disney will also donate 1 million face masks for free to communities who are underserved and do not have options of protecting themselves in these difficult times.

MedShare is a non-profit organisation that recovers surplus medical supplies and equipments from hospitals and manufacturers across the United States and redistributes them to needy hospitals in developing countries. So, Disney’s initiative is indeed a noble cause which will help not only people in the US, but also those from various other third-world countries.

The masks cost around $19.99 for a pack of four. There are three sizes to choose from – small, medium and large – which will fit children to adults. According to the shopDisney website, the masks should be available by July 15. Moreover, they are supposed to ship out this summer.


These Disney masks will feature various fan-favourite characters. These include Anna and Elsa from Frozen; Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story; The Avengers; R2D2 and Baby Yoda. These masks will help people stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic and will also add a touch of fun in a time of stress and tension.

However, the masks cannot be used by medical professionals who are treating patients who are suffering from COVID19.

Edward Park, senior vice president of Disney store and shopDisney mentioned in a statement, “We realize this is a challenging time for families and wearing any type of mask can be daunting. Our hope is that Disney’s cloth face masks featuring some of our most beloved characters will provide comfort to the families, fans and communities that are so important to us.”


Furthermore, Charles Redding, CEO and president of MedShare, released a statement saying, “Disney’s donations will make a tremendous impact in the communities we serve.”

Disney has been very proactive about serving the community during the pandemic. The company has reportedly donated more than 100,000 N95 masks and 175,000 ponchos for hospitals to use protective garments. That’s a great initiative since medical professionals and people, in general, need all the help they can get during these trying and difficult times. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and Disney really is living up to its expectations.

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