Disney’s Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Recap: Rise Of The Empire

After giving us an idea of the after-effects of Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 is now out. The Disney+ series is created by Dave Filoni; Brad Rau directed the second episode written by Jennifer Corbett. Today’s episode features Dee Bradley Baker voicing Clone Force 99/The Bad Batch, and Michelle Ang has lent her voice for Omega.

In the first episode, we saw how Crosshair goes against his own troop as Hunter doesn’t follow Empire’s orders twice. Then, after a threatening showdown with Crosshair and other stormtroopers, the remaining Clone Force 99 and Omega escape Kamino in their ship. After the Clone Wars, Republic doesn’t exist anymore, and the Empire takes it over.

The Bad Batch Episode 2 is called Cut and Run, with a runtime of 26 minutes. In today’s episode, we see how the Empire is slowly taking over the control of the galaxy, different worlds and people’s lives. In the first Star Wars films, we witnessed the horrific rule of the Empire. The Disney+ series shows us how it has risen.

After escaping from Kamino, The Bad Batch and Omega head to Saleucami to meet old friends Cut Lawquane and Suu. On meeting Cut, Hunter finds out why the Stormtroopers are doing everything the Empire tells them and are attacking the Jedi. The duo also informs them about how the Empire controls everything – people’s identity, mode of transport, and properties.

Cut and Suu want to take their kids off to a new world. However, with Empire’s commencement, people can do any activity only if they have the chain code. So the Clone Force 99 decides to help them to get the chain code by not inviting trouble and attention of the stormtroopers or anyone from Kamino. Hunter also has to take a big decision regarding Omega.

The Bad Batch Episode 2 Review
The Bad Batch Episode 2 Review

Will the Bad Batch manage to get the Chain Code? What will be Omega’s reaction to Hunter’s decision about her, and will she agree to it? Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 answers these questions.

Today’s episode looked like an extension of the first episode. To avoid the first one from being lengthier than it already is, the makers decided to divide the last 26 minutes separately. But it doesn’t fall flat at all. There’s enough solid content and good action scenes in the second episode too.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Review
The Bad Batch Episode 2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2: Is it worth it?

Overall, the Star Wars series is picking up well and promises something bigger in the coming episode. We know what happened before the Clone War; we know what happened after the Empire had fallen, thanks to the Rebellion. But we have no clue what immediately happens between the post-Clone War to rise of the empire period. We hope Dave Filone serves us a sensational story regarding the same.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch promises a better series in the upcoming episodes since this is just the beginning.

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