Disney+ Hotstar’s Adbhutham Review: Confrontation Between a Past and the Future

Adbhutham is a romantic science-fiction movie directed by Mallik Ram and written by Prasanth Varma. It stars Teja Sajja and Shivani Rajashekar and is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar with a run time of 2 hours 21 minutes and with audio in Telugu and subtitles in English.

Disney+ Hotstar describes Adbhutham as:

”When Surya and Vennela are about to end their lives, a miracle connects these two strangers.They happen to have the same phone numbers but can’t meet”.

Adbhutham review contains mild spoilers –

Adbhutam is a strange love story between Surya and Vennela who can connect together on the phone and also possess the same phone numbers but cannot meet each other. This error happens because Surya is connected to his past and Vennela is connected to her future. The two lovers are stuck in 2014 and 2019 respectively. After talking for a while Surya and Vennela decide to meet each other but are unable to do so because they learn a shocking truth about the barrier that is coming in between them. They try all possible ways to meet their past and future selves but are not successful.

An exclusive theory of past and future forms the crux of the movie. The storyline and acting of the entire cast are to the point and excellent. Teja Sajja and Shivani Rajashekar give a wonderful performance and shine throughout the film. There is comedy, suspense, twist, romance, and tragedy all blended together to give an out and out megahit production. One can really get astonished as the storyline progresses and it surely can blow your mind on seeing things that seem impossible.

The beautiful theme of past and future is used to convey the message that no matter what we do one cannot change their past but one can definitely work towards improving their future. Surya’s future self tries to save his father from dying via Vennela but is not successful and realizes that he cannot defeat his destiny. Meanwhile, Vennela fulfils her dream of going to Germany by taking the help of Surya’s future self and becomes successful. This movie also tells about being careful of taking decisions in the past that can impact the future largely.

The theme of love is also explored alongside the storyline. Vennela’s past self rejects Surya’s love and his future self in turn, breaks the heart of Vennela’s past self. Both are in pain to seek each other’s love and are clueless that they are searching for one another. The story is very fresh and unique that can make you curious as well as leave you impressed. Every scene is unpredictable and one has to really sit glued to their seats to understand the plot. If you miss a small dialogue or sequence you will be left confused. This movie really needs one’s concentration and curiosity.

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Love finds its way in any situation or time. The lovers are not able to time travel and the story purely sticks to logic and doesn’t try to show anything that is not scientifically correct. There is mention of an argument when people from the past tried to contact in the future and there are no answers to how it can happen. The movie communicates that some things are beyond science which is basically known as “Adbhutham” (miracle).

Summing up: Adbhutham

Disney+ Hotstar’s Adbhutham Review: Confrontation Between A Past And The Future

Overall the movie has all the components of a masala entertainer and a must-watch creation. I recommend Adbhutham as it has the potential to drive away your weekend blues. It disappoints a little in some scenes where the makers have tried to evoke suspense among the audiences which can make you scratch your heads at what just happened. The latter half of the movie is extended a bit which seems unnecessary. The movie has the potential of intriguing and engrossing the audience via its theme. The crisp conceptualization, story, and cinematography are ingenious. Adbhutham remains true to its title and presents unmixed surprise and pleasure.

Adbhutham is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Adbhutham is all about two lovers, Surya and Vennela trapped in two timeframes with the same phone numbers. Will their love find fruition?

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Adbhutham is all about two lovers, Surya and Vennela trapped in two timeframes with the same phone numbers. Will their love find fruition?Disney+ Hotstar’s Adbhutham Review: Confrontation Between a Past and the Future