Disney’s Filthy Rich Episode 4 Review: O Men, Thou Hast Sinned and Shall Pay

Filthy Rich premiered on 22nd September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company with a new episode scheduled to release every week. The series seeks inspiration from a New Zealand series of the same name, starring Kim Cattrall, Gerald McRaney, Melia Kreiling, Aubrey Dollar, Corey Cott, Steve Harris, and Aaron Lazar.

Filthy Rich Episode 4 Review

[Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Filthy Rich episode 4 picks up things from where it left off. After an almost two-week-long break, the series resumed streaming from 20th October 2020. Episode 04 is mostly located in Margaret’s big old country house. Rose brings Tina, Jason and Ginger to the country house as a gateway from what happened with Ginger on the live show. She, however, has no idea that Margaret is bringing her uncles as guests to the house for the weekend to talk about business and smooth things over. But things take a turn when Tina sees the men and their families and freaks out fearing for her life.

“I raised you in the shadows to save your life.” – Tina

What unravels is a history of ill deeds in which Margaret might have a hand! Meanwhile, the Reverand, along with other men, in shapes and forms try to influence Eric to take Eugene’s place in the men’s group aka 1820. Other than this, the prominent development of this episode takes place in Eugene’s want to return to his home. However, with his illegitimate heirs in the family and his image shattered, that seems a little difficult. How he will make his comeback is the question, as well as an area for development, in the upcoming episodes.

Filthy Rich Episode 4

 “All of the men that I thought were family are monsters. For all I know, you are too.” – Rose

As the revelation about the monstrous deeds by the so-called holy men is brought to light in Filthy Rich episode 4, Margaret decides to help the ladies seek justice for the ordeals they had to face, and therefore, they form a ladies table. The episode has a lot of truths and answers in it. As the storyline is slowly progressing towards the climax, each and every character knot is either tightening or simplifying. It is fair to say, as it always was, that even if Tina and Ginger run the SingWagon, their own porn site, they have morals and integrity and are not surviving under the garb of honestly.

These men who are Rose’s “fake” uncles visit that site, use it, and then criticize it. They all have their hands dirty but on the outside, these people are pretentious a-holes! One particular question I have is that if the Monreaux family is so famous, how come nobody identifies Eugene and knows that he was alive? Additionally, what time is a good time for Eugene to return, if there’s any?

Filthy Rich Episode 4

Filthy Rich episode 4 poses a lot of questions that are to be covered in the upcoming episodes and have the viewers eager – will Tina be able to fight these men and her demons? What happens to Eugene now? Will he ever return? Will Margaret save herself from these men? From the very first episode to the 4th episode, the series has not lost its pace, it is ever-engaging and the drama is rising! Who will win – Ladies Table or 1820?

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! Filthy Rich episode 4 is not tiresome or elongated. Instead, the episode is engaging and will leave you intrigued and wanting for more. As the storyline is progressing, crazy things are in store for the family directly or indirectly! Though it feels like nothing can beat Margaret down but everyone has an end and so does Margaret’s endurance.

Filthy Rich episode 4 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Filthy Rich Episode 4 is a blast in itself- corrupt men, alive Eugene, Eric's dilemma, Tina's fear and more! Will they all win their battles? Stream It or Skip it? Read Here!

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