Dexter: New Blood Theory: Is Logan a Villain Too?

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 revealed a lot in just 55 minutes. Michael C Hall’s Dexter or Jim has now learned that Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown) is a serial killer. Angela knows about Jim’s identity as Miami forensic expert Dexter Morgan. At the end of the episode, she finds a missing girl’s dead body inside the Clark caves. Harrison finds fatherly comfort in Kurt, which is annoying Dexter a lot.

While we all are focused so much on the Angela-Dexter-Harrison-Kurt premise, there’s one character who seems too good to be real. I mean, come on, it’s Dexter: New Blood, and there are rarely good people in his world. A theory went viral that Sergeant Logan, played by Alano Miller, can be a villain too.

According to the viral theory, Logan seems to be on Kurt’s side and knows all his wrongdoings. Fans came up with this theory after seeing how he defended Kurt when Angela doubted his claims about Matt. Logan said that Kurt has done a lot for the town and has no intention to lie or mislead.

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In Dexter: New Blood Episode 6, when Angela asks Logan to help her find why Kurt wants them to stay away from Clark caves, he excuses. Logan, who is also a wrestling coach at Harrison’s school, says that he has to be for the match. While that’s an honest excuse, in a previous scene during the drugs interrogation, Logan hinted that duty means the most to him.

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However, some fans believe that Logan is just a nice person. They say that maybe there’s more to him in the show, but he doesn’t seem shady. Well, only time will tell who’s bad and who’s on whose side.

A Reddit user named ‘u/thunder3029’ shared, “Logan? He seems to be extremely close to Kurt, avoids any leads that lead directly to him. If Kurt has some kind of accomplice, and it feels like there is still a reveal to be had, I could see Logan somehow being involved in some of this”.

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Someone who supports the theory responded, “I also have a feeling Logan might be the main Villain. Something feels off.”. A fan who doesn’t support the theory commented, “I’m not suspicious of Logan. I think the Caldwells have taken care of him and he’s grateful. He’s only seen the good side of Kurt. Maybe Kurt established this connection to get away with his crimes. Dexter was well loved in Miami and there were people who did not think he could have done anything wrong.”

Check out the full discussion on Reddit here.

What are some other theories on Dexter: New Blood you have? Do let us know in the comments below.

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