These Dexter New Blood Memes Are As Good As the Show

So far, 7 episodes of the Dexter New Blood series are out(spoilers ahead). The show has exceeded all the expectations so far. Michael C Hall is promising as Dexter as expected with a star cast that has made the show more interesting. It also stars Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Jennifer Carpenter and Clancy Brown.

After every episode, fans take to their Twitter pages to share their reactions. Some share written tweets and post Dexter New Blood memes to express their thoughts. From Harrison’s behaviour to Dexter’s stress, these memes cover everything in Dexter Season 9.

One fan tweeted, “Everything ok in here Kurt? #DexterNewBlood #Dexter”. Another wrote, “I just want to clarify something about Dexter…Hocho”, and shared Rosa’s still with a puppy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the 7th episode, Dexter learns that Kurt knows he killed his son Matt. Kurt’s next target seems to be Harrison. At the end of the episode, one of Kurt’s men kidnaps Dexter. So the series keeps building tension and adds interesting twists with each episode.

Fans even shared how amazing the latest Dexter: New Blood episode was! One person tweeted, “#DexterNewBlood ep 7 was just PERFECT. For the first time I have no doubts, this was the best one! And one of Dexter’s best overall. @Sho_Dexter knows how to build the tension for something big!!!”.

Another shared, “It’s all coming down… The threads are joining together, the plot thickens, the stakes grow ever higher. We’re getting into the endgame now, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I love it when Dexter meets his match. Or maybe even someone better. #Dexter #DexterNewBlood”.

Check out some of our favourite Dexter New Blood Memes:

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There are only 3 more episodes of Dexter: New Blood left so far. A lot of theories are going viral after every episode. The latest episode has generated more excitement, and we can’t wait for some more theories.

What are your views on the latest season of Dexter? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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