Dexter New Blood: Will There Be Harrison Spin-Off Series? Here’s What We Know

Dexter New Blood ended on January 9 with an ending that fans didn’t see coming. The series brought back Michael C Hall as the serial killer Dexter Morgan. Actor Jack Alcott played Harrison, Dexter’s teenage son. The star cast also includes Julia Jones, Clancy Brown, and Alano Miller.

At the end of Dexter Season 9, Harrison pulls a trigger and kills his father. He’s angry that Dexter killed officer Logan (Alano Miller), who’s also his coach, to escape from the jail. After learning that his father broke the code and killed an innocent man, he couldn’t control his anger.

The series ends with Dexter lying in the pool of blood. Angela hands Harrison some money and asks him to leave Iron Lake. We see Dexter’s son driving away from Iron Lake and Michael C Hall’s voiceover reading Dex’s letter to Hannah. The ending has disappointed many fans as they believe it’s sloppy, weak and has many loopholes.

Will there be Harrison Spin off?

On January 7, writer Scott Reynolds had announced that he would make an exciting announcement on Monday, January 10. The announcement was made before the finale was aired, so fans assumed it was either released to another season or the Harrison spin-off. After seeing Dexter dead, fans thought the makers would announce the spin-off series. Well, there’s no truth to this news.

On Monday, Scott shared on his Twitter page that fans can get their hands on Dexter: New Blood DVD in March 2022. It will also include 30 minutes bonus featurette. “Hey #Dexter Fans! As a huge physical media fan, Showtime is letting me announce that #DexterNewBlood is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray & Blu-ray SteelBook on MARCH 22. All 10 eps + an exclusive 30-min bonus featurette will be included. @CBSHE #DexterisHome,” Scott tweeted.

But it seems like fans are in no mood to rejoice. In the reply section, one fan wrote, “You serious right now, we thought we’d get a better announcement then an advertisement..sigh…Sad today. It definitely is a monday.” One more person wrote, “So.. on top of the abismal ending, disappointing the fanbase, you kept everyone on their toes, making them still hold on to a fragment of hope and when the time finally comes you announce THIS? You are actually enjoying making fun of your fans, don’t you?”

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Jack Alcott as Harrison

Dexter New Blood: Is Harrison Least Favourite?

Well, the tweet confirms that there won’t be any spin-off series on Jack Alcott’s Harrison Morgan so far! If there’s an announcement made, we will update you on the same.

What do you think of the final episode? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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