Dexter New Blood: Is Harrison Not a Fan Favourite?

Dexter New Blood starring Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jack Alcott, Clancy Brown and Julia Jones, has released 7 episodes so far. Just like the previous 8 seasons, season 9 has lots of mystery, crime and interesting characters. The story takes 10 years after Dexter Morgan leaves Miami after Debra’s death.

In Dexter: New Blood, Dexter lives with the identity of Jim Lindsay, who lives a simple life at Iron Lake. Jim works at a weapon rental shop, looks after a flock of sheep and dates a cop named Angela. He hasn’t killed for a decade and believes there won’t be a need to do the same. But Matt gives Jim all the reason to get into serial killer Dexter Morgan mode again.

Dexter’s first kill after a decade turns out to be a shabby job. But his son Harrison shows up at the doorstep, who has lived a difficult life. Dexter is concerned for his son and tries to be a good dad. But all his efforts are futile as Harrison is in no mood to listen to the father who abandoned him as a kid.

Dexter New Blood Still

Every time Dexter would try to give Harrison good and much-needed advice, his teenage son would dismiss it. We learn that Harrison, too, has a dark side, just like his father. Actor Jack Alcott has played the mysterious Harrison quite well. But it seems like he’s bothering a lot of Dexter New Blood fans. They love Jack but want makers to give something better to Harrison.

I also agree that the Harrison-Dexter conflict became boring after a point. A few Dexter New Blood fans have expressed their thoughts on Dexter’s son on Twitter. One person tweeted, “I’m sorry but I can’t stand Harrison. He’s an annoying little sh*t.” Another wrote, “I’m not spoiling this episode of Dexter New Blood. But, I am going to say that Harrison is the worst part of this series so far, I cannot stand how much of an annoying j*rk he is. #DexterNewBlood #Dexter”.

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Some Dexter New Blood Fans’ Reactions to Harrison:

Harrison is not much of a fan favourite yet. But there are 3 more episodes left, and we will soon find out what will happen to him, Kurt and Dex.

What do you think will happen in Episode 8? Do let us know your theories in the comments below.

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