Dexter New Blood Finale Reactions: Fans Share Disappointment

Dexter New Blood finale or Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 is now out. The last episode stars Michael C Hall, Julia Jones, Jack Alcott, and several others. The series returned on Showtime after 8 years. The writers and creators claimed that the ending would be better than what fans have seen before.

From episode 1 to episode 9, fans loved every bit of Dexter New Blood. They couldn’t get over the excellent writing, twists and revelations. The amazing 9 episodes built their expectations for the final episode. Now that the episode is out, the reactions are out too. If you are yet to watch the episode, you should avoid reading as it contains spoilers.

From the reaction, it seems like fans are not happy with Dexter New Blood ending. Some are even praising the season 8 ending, which was hated for so many years. “I’m convinced they only brought #DexterNewBlood back to hurt us all over again,” tweeted a fan. Another wrote, “They really went and screwed up two Dexter finales. Can’t believe this is what we get after 8 years. #DexterNewBlood.” One more person shared, “I’m just going to put this out there. Dexter season 8 ending > New Blood ending.”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10

Another disappointed fan wrote, “After the beyond awful #DexterNewBlood finale, I’ve come to conclusion that the S8 finale is OG! New Blood never happened, Dexter is off chopping some wood in the snow living his best life while Harrison is off with Hannah. The only finale I’m willing to accept!”

Check out fans sharing their anger over Dexter New Blood’s last episode:

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Meanwhile, on January 7, writer Scott Reynolds shared he has a big announcement to make on Monday. Scott wrote, “Hey #Dexter fans – I’m gonna have an EXCITING #DexterNewBlood announcement to share early Monday morning. I can’t wait to share with all of ya!” Fans are assuming that it’s Harrison spin-off. However, no one knows what the announcement is going to be.

Have you watched the finale? What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Watch the entire Dexter: New Blood season here.

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  1. How can they do this to us? Why did they have to kill Dexter? I miss him already? Why couldn’t they have let Angela believe Dexter after she seen all the girls that Kurt killed? Why couldn’t they have just let Dexter & Harrison go someplace like Los Angeles and let us believe they lived “Happily Ever After’? I am excited about a possible Harrison spin off but not without Dexter? Or will Dexter be Harrison dark passenger?

    • After our total loyalty to Dexter during all the original seasons, and our excitement at the new season in 2021-2022, writers let us and Dexter down. In New Blood, Dexter showed his weakness and vulnerability. No one cared about Harrison, and he should not have been part of this show. The actor who played Harrison was weak and unconvincing. Mostly, we are furious that you killed Dexter! We watched this show because we LIKE Dexter, so why would you kill him? And no one wants to see more seasons with Harrison as a new killer. We want the Dexter of the first eight seasons, not the one of the ninth season. Angela was cold and unbelievable as a girlfriend. I signed up for SHO just to watch Dexter season 9, and the writers disappointed me and everyone else.

    • Agreed. I found out about the ending before I saw it and just didn’t watch the last 2 episodes. I know that maybe Dexter’s dying was justified, but I would have preferred he not kill the coach and he & Harrison disappear. To leave the series with Harrison having killed his father without any idea as to how it affected the young man is sloppy.

    • Totally agree. Not gonna watch a spin-off with Harrison
      The show is called DEXTER for a reason so killing him was the worst thing they could do.

    • My thoughts exactly. So disappointing. I was ready for more Dexter. It took 6 episode for “Dexter” to finally appear and they kill him off 4 episodes later. Killing him off would have been traumatic but acceptable in season 8. But to revive the show, only to cut your heart out in 10 episodes is inexcusable. They led our thirsty souls to water and put salt in it! I rewatched every season before watching New Blood. I came to see season 8 had aged very well and really was a good ending for the series. New Blood didn’t need to make up for the disappointment fans felt then. It could have been so much more than a do over!

    • Probably Dexter will be Harrison’s dark passenger imho and that fucks up even more this season/series finale, as the explanation was “it was the way to be free”. That’s just not true (the trauma was Trinity’ killing Rita in front of Harrison and killing Dexter is not erasing that) and Harrisong struggling with his own urges will be the definive proof.

      Also, the whole story is incoherent: Harrison had read his father’s letter many times, while we only hear it at the end… We were lured to believe that Harrison came for answers and blaming himself of his father disappearance but it was clear that Dexter got away for his own reasons (the urges). He even told Hannah to let him stay dead UNLESS Harrison showed dark tendencies… it was pretty clear from the letter that Dexter was concerned about himself stayin close to Harrison and Hannah so New Blood story should have been totally different in regards to Harrison searching for his father.

      The last fuck up is Batista jumping to the truth as soon as he discover Dexter is alive, well before Angela presents the proofs: Dexted had reason to left Miami and the Bay Harbor Butcher case was long closed.

    • Dexter’s love for his son redeems him and they live happily ever after–why can’t we have this ending? It’s as likely as the son shooting Dexter.

  2. The creators are completely out of touch with what their audience wants to see. Instead of giving us back the vigilante who takes care of evil doers the law can’t touch we get a morality tale. If I wanted that I’d tune into the news. Real life gives us all enough of evil people escaping justice. Will I be watching a reboot with his inept, reckless prepubescent son at the helm? Never. Sorry that I wasted my time on this show. Shame on you for this self-serving trash.

  3. Obviously, Dexter had to die. But, it happens in final 15 mins.
    What’s the point of telling that Batista is coming,
    how come Angela set aside her personal feelings,
    what was the point of Harrison being in a kill room with Dexter during the killing of Kurt?
    How Angela allows Harrison to flee with a murder while she can’t accept Dexter being a killer being free?
    How Angela answers using the rifle to kill Dexter, which was gifted to Harrison?
    How the fuck she justifies the shooting of Dexter to FBI, who was unarmed?
    How would she catch Kurt now, as we the audience only knows about Kurt’s death? So that missing girl case never resolves as Kurt can’t be convinced.

    And the main thing is why would Dexter kill Logan, that’s so it of the character. What a lazy writing.
    Marking on the neck is conclusive evidence? Eh!

    If Angela let’s Harrison lets go with a murder as he kills a serial killer, then isn’t it applies to Dexter as he takes out Kurt?

    So many plot holes Mr. Clyde. I agree for Dexter death is the only conclusion but at least you could’ve used your imagination and all those screen times you wasted till episode 9. What a waste.

    • I agree 100% too many plot holes left open. Granted Harrison said what needed said to Dexter, however, the timing was way off. Also, he did not have to kill Logan, he was trained by Harry who was a cop to be the perfect serial killer and couldn’t figure out how to get the keys and gun away from Logan so he could get to Harrison…. Logan being an innocent person and Dexter killing him just goes against his character which made me mad. Also, not only am I wondering what the point was of calling Batista to get him down to Iron lakes but why would Batista think Dexter killed Laguerta when it was Deb to cover for Dexter?! Too many things don’t make sense, and to kill Dexter and make us believe there’s a possibility Harrison could have a spin-off…. Like no thanks, that wasn’t the closure we wanted after how many years!! I’ll take Season eights finale over this one anyday.

    • When Batista was coming and Dexter had the brilliance of telling Angela about the missing girls with the camera off, I was excited as all hell. It felt like it was shaping up to be a really cool conclusion, where Angela eventually gets some redeeming opinions of Dexter.. EVEN IF Angela would still pursue justice through law, and would have to connect the dots especially with Batista’s evidence being thrown in too, it would’ve been cool if there would’ve been some silent implied understanding between them eventually.
      It would’ve been nice to see that she’d see Dexter as a “necessary evil” who takes out even bigger monsters, when it’d be reveald to her that Dexter finally killed the killer of all those girls. That she’d see the value of his code.

      That is the kinda thing I would’ve loved to see as a fan.

      But I noticed the runtime was dwindling.. “20 minutes, how can this wrap up in 20 minutes?”

      It’s as if someone in the production looked at the runtime too and then went “OH SH… this needs to end in 20 minutes?!? OK CHANGE OF PLANS, Dexter will.. uh.. make a mad dash out, killing his friend with very little thought, Harrison just does a complete 180 and they suddenly both agree Dexter needs to die, despite you know, us seeing how they both finally found someone who understands them and how things had just developed towards a direction where they bond… then he just shoots him – roll credits.


      I do think that the very ends dabbles in some interesting ideas, none of which are given the time to develop;

      Like Harrison would’ve ended up placing “Only kill people who deserve it” as his #1 code and it would’ve clashed with Dexter’s #1 rule; Don’t get caught. That Harrison would NOT justify killing innocents with “Don’t get caught”. That he’d demand Dexter to be better. Similarly, that he wouldn’t accept Dexter just happily projecting himself onto Harrison, because Harrison still would blame Dexter.. that he’d indeed not be just like Dexter, but a result from Dexter. That his anger would be because of Dexter, not because of himself.

      Though with further inspection, IF there is a Harrison spinoff, it could also be cool to see him try and live happily ever after, but then the urges starting to rise…. this time, Dexter being the imaginary voice that he’d start hearing as some justification to doing what he starts feeling the urges for.

      That we’d see how Harrison was indeed more like Dexter after all.

      Still, I do hate HOW Dexter died. Such a fast, unceremonious end.

      It all just suddenly fell onto our lap like a hot potato and it did end up feeling quite bad.

      I do think that even this same ending status quo, if having been given more time to breathe and investigated more in depth could’ve worked great if given one more episode. Or hell, even 15-20 minutes more in a long finale episode.

      Honestly I loved the whole season until there was only 20 minutes left and then it all became… way too simple.

      • And then a sociopath start to “feel love” over his natural instinct to live just when his son is about to kill him. So out of character…

    • I agree with you guys. I know that Dexter was out of practice for 10 yrs but he would of never made those mistakes. The actors were great the writing sucked.

      things that didn’t make sense…..
      1. Angela’s character shift — Dexter going from boyfriend(relationship) to being hated by her in a few days and all he did was get rid of the trash and solve the cases of all the missing girls.
      and whats interesting is that all the research she did she missed that he only kills bad guys.
      2. Logan character shift — similar to the above an immediate 180 on Dexter.
      3. Batista — what was the point……I realize that he was coming down before Dexter died but still.
      4. Dexter —He would of never been so sloppy, he would of never killed Logan. You can tell that someone else wrote his character. Just looked it up Clyde Phillips he only wrote till the
      4th season and only wrote 4 episodes total which is one episode per season.
      5. Harrison — He has been a problem child since he got there –Dexter confides that he is not alone and they bond, then a few days later he shoots Dexter.

      there is a lot more to day but bottom line it was rush and sloppy:(

      • I agree sloppy writing. Dexter killed hundreds of people and evaded detection while working in the Detective unit at Miami Metro Police. He moves to Upstate Ny and is taken down by the Sheriff in 2 weeks after killing some kid. Who by the way everyone still thinks is alive. A first year court appointed attorney could have gotten him off on those charges. The writers were just lazy.

      • Also, the screw found in Dexter’s home.: Angela thinks Dexter made an error burning the body, not considering that the titanium screws will not melt and she was right but then she implied that Dexter didn’t know about the screws. So the one found in Dexter’s home was planted by someone else, like Dexter said and the whole theory collapses.

        About Batista coming to Iron Lake, the puncture marks without any other physical evidence didn’t prove anything: Dexter was a forensic expert in Miami Metro PD and he did know the Bay Harbor Butcher m.o. so it’s much more plausible he just copied that to get revenge on the drug dealers. In the end Dexter would have been accused of one murder.

    • Great thing about all those plot holes, is that since the seasons over, they don’t have to worry about the need to tie up one single frickin one of them. Creating more questions than answers in a finale… Excuse me, second finale is absolute garbage.

  4. Why didn’t the writer let Harrison not able to kill Dexter? Harrison could have let him go. Harrison is not a killer. Dexter kill the sargent… by accident and Harrison shooting him because of that was not right. I was hoping of another season….very sad…. I don’t know how I feel if Dexter comes back as another Harry. I would watch it..just to see…

    • ^ This ^. It was a sickening ending on so many levels. Like he’s giving some gift to his son by having him kill him?! And we’re supposed to believe the son is different and better….so he murders his own father? I’ve been on the edge of my seat for 9 episodes and I feared they would screw us over like this in the finale. If they think I am going to watch some show about the son now they are sorely mistaken.

  5. It was all a bit rushed and not thought out. Wet well, it was so good seeing Dexter back on the tv for it to end in such an abrupt manner, killing him off made no sense, worse still his son was the shooter, disappointing comes to mind

    • You’re right. And how many lives did Dexter save???? Tons! Doesn’t that count for something? Why would they make him kill Logan!? I mean, even if Batista came to talk to him, Dexter had enough logic to throw him off. Sucks!!!!

  6. Clyde said that smart fans would understand the finale, maybe appreciate it. Why did he have to make Dexter kill Logan? Dexter could’ve easily just make him faint, pass out from the choke hold he had on him. It was the FIRST time Dexter killed an innocent like this. Yes, Logan tried to kill him just like Miguel’s brother in season 3 was trying to kill him. The photographer in season 4 was a mistake by Dexter. And I know that Dexter was desperate because he was in jail. Still, why? Why make it so poetic that his own son would be willing to kill him??? Breaks my heart. I know that Doakes, Rita, Deb, Voguel, Laguerta and some other innocents died because of him. I hated that they killed Deb in season 8. Hated it!!! She was the heart and soul of Dexter. Now Clyde ends this in such a “greek tragedy” that it makes me want to love the original finale. This sucked big time. Yes, it was sort of beautiful and poetic, but so dark that I can’t take it. Yes, he said he felt “real love” at the end. So what? Maybe I’m one of the dumb ones and not smart at all. This was too tragic. A metaphor: Dexter 9th season started playing cool Blue Oyster Cult and ended up playing eerie and demonic Dark Funeral (a black metal band). Anyway, they did the same when they killed Rita and then Deb. Laguerta was really sad too but it kinda, kinda worked. I really don’t know what else to say. I guess I’m as pissed as when they killed Han Solo in such a stupid way. Or as pissed as Mark Hamill was with the death of Luke. Why????? Why???? This had so much potential and now it has nothing. I bet Michael C Hall just wanted to finally kill Dexter because he was pissed that everyone remembered him just for that. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Michael C Hall fan…anyway, I hated this ending. You remember the Sopranos ending? Maybe it wasn’t great but at least it left you wondering…what now?

    • This was not the first time Dexter killed an innocent. Are u forgetting doakes? Dexter not only set him up to be the Bay harbor killer, but caused the explosion that killed him

      • No Lila kill doaks. Dexter locked them up while he took of a care of a few things and was going to turn himself in, but Lila followed his GPS to the cabin where she found doaks and blew him up. Dex figures it out and kills Lila for killing him because he was an innocent

      • Also he didn’t set him up to look like the Bay harbor butcher. He searched Dexter’s apartment and found his box of blood slides which he took with him into his car, then his disappearance caused suspicion and the way he acted when Lundy tried to question him and then him taking off also look suspicious so they searched his car and found the blood slides. Dexter hadn’t even found out the blood slides were gone yet, not until he saw them on the table and thought he was busted only to find out they found them in doakes car. I think the only innocent person Dexter killed was by mistake Which was that creepy photographer that took pictures of beat up women but he was actually innocent and it was his secretary that did all the killing. Besides all the innocent people that died because of Dexter, but technically he only killed the one innocent by mistake

    • That Clyde Phillips said “smart Dexter fans” would understand and enjoy the finale demonstrates just how freaking awful it actually was. There is nothing “smart” about the ending; it was actually quite dumb.

    • Lol I’m very smart, but being smart, while I appreciate them giving Harrison a strong moral compass, that was the only halfway decent thing going for it and they ruined that when they had him shoot his own father. Yes, he figured out Dexter liked it and had selfish reasons for doing it and not because he was trying to save anyone, but Dexter never lied or tried to hide that, just that it was a way to steer his dark tendencies without hurting innocents and killing Logan was completely out of character and made no sense. But even with him killing him it was in self defense as he pulled a gun, not like he planned out how to murder him to get away. Not sure how they think smart people would get it and appreciate it. Do they think all their fans are stupid for complaining and saying pretty much the same things? Shows how much they think of us if they think we just aren’t smart enough to get it. I think they are the ones with some issues in that department.

    • I think that only genious fans would get it than. I am in 135-140IQ bracket and I dont get it. In fact it feels jawdroppingly tone deaf. After 3days I still cant get used to how ridiculous and sloppy aftertaste it left. Extremely unrealistic (or extremely psychopathic) behaviour from police gf and Harrison, showing absolutely NO emotional affect. Harrisons very low resolution pseudo moralisation which is painfully inconsistent with his actually quite sharp introspecting ability.. Soo self evidently prescribed by much older mind, (probably moved by reading some psychologist).. Harisson’s character is totally inconsistent with realistic guy of his age. In order to cook up ASAP moral justification of Dexter’s end, Logan needed to be mowed down. Such a pathos. Such a facepalm. It is hard to imagine how extreme intelligence percentile a fan should be to appreciate such “finale” according to Clyde..

      • Agree and I’m in the same IQ bracket. The writers and producers are insulting the intelligence of their fan base.

        Dexter didn’t need to die. Love how you point out Harrison’s on-the-spot “moral justification.

        Why didn’t Angela even go check Dexter’s pulse as EVERY cop must do to confirm a death?

        Where was ANY emotion from anyone who cared about Dexter?

        Showtime may have big plans for a Harrison spinoff but on a scale of 1 to 10, my interest in that storyline is zero.

  7. Dexter New Blood: WTF!! I am sorry but where was the Dexter we knew and loved! The character in this 9th season was missing a lot of what we loved about Dexter. He wasn’t smart, methodical, or careful. Since when does Dexter kill out of emotion or kill a completely innocent person! I hated the last episode. So many plot holes, the sheriff putting things together magically and letting the most annoying character AKA Harrison kill the almighty Dexter is just plain stupid. Poor writing. I’m just mad they got my hopes up just to let me down again. I was so excited to see Batista but they didn’t do anything with that story and putting John Lithgow in for like 2 minutes. Lies I tell you! Shame on you writers of Dexter New blood you suck the big one.

    • I can’t believe that stupid girlfriend Angela and this heartless devil son did all this to Dexter. Dexter died in lonely. He had sister and Hannha who would cover and love him before. This is so heart break. He died in lonely! I can’t believe Harrison would do all this after read the letter Dexter wrote to Hannha. I wish he was my father.

  8. It’s not about being unhappy about Dexter’s death. It’s about this:

    1. Dexter has been in forensics for how many years? And he’s seen how many killers elude Justice? There is exactly ZERO evidence linking him to anything.

    2. Dexter’s testimony has put how many killers away? And yet we are to believe that Miami Dade County might reopen the Bay Harbor Butcher case with, again, zero physical evidence linking Dexter to any of those killings?

    3. And yet we are to believe that Dexter suddenly thinks his only chance at a future is to break out of jail, murdering a cop in the process? Has he been inhaling ketamine fumes and messing up his brain?

    4. We have to hear how Dexter being killed by his own son “resonates” and “feels right” because some producer inhaled a lot of pop psychology about how important it is to “kill the father”? So they have to go an LITERALIZE it because in Hollywood literalism is the only approach that “resonates”? Phillips gets the George Lucas award for the biggest piece of literalist stupidity since Lucas’s own misreading of Joseph Campbell prompted him to make Darth Vader into Luke’s father.

    It isn’t about not wanting to see Dexter die. It’s about the sloppy way this ending was written. Welcome to the Game of Thrones finale hall of infamy.

    • What I mean about Miami never reopening the case is that even if there were evidence (there isn’t), they’d never reopen a case that would lead to so many convictions being overturned.

    • Well said on all counts. This was screwed up on every level and it’s completely inconsistent with Dexter’s character. And as I pointed out above, the idea that his son is “better” but then kills him is the most screwed up concept imaginable. They were so close to giving this a great ending. Why was it not within them to deliver it? They knew exactly how to and even teased it. But they just had to ruin uit.

    • I completely agree. First thing I thought of after disappointingly watching the last (predictable) episode was “just as bad as the end of Game of Thrones.” It was like they got new writers for the last episode. So disappointed in episode 10. I told so many people how much I was enjoying this reboot before, now I’ll just recommend them not wasting their time.

    • Not agreeing on the Star Wars critics, Luke was caught in a moral struggle between his evil father and be the good guy and it worked just great for me. Vader conversion to the good side was a bit cheesy but it also worked just fine.

      In this case it’s just dumb: “if I kill you I will be free” means absolutely nothing and when they make a second season about HJarrison becoming the new Dexter it will be even more clear to anyone.

  9. Harrison could’ve stayed in town. Got a book deal. Now forensics is going to eat the chief alive. Not surprised Dexter died. Not surprised Harrison did it. But now a 16 year old is starting over with his dads truck. They’ll be looking for it and him. Sloppy.

  10. Seriously.. this is how you end it. First some podunk cop who can’t solve dozens of murder/disappearances can solve the Bay Harbor Butcher case? REALLY???
    Better ending… after killing Logan Dexter kills Angela at Kurts kill site then stages it to look like Kurt killed everyone. More plausible. And the whole Bastista thing is so lazy. Thanks for ruining what could have been great. Should have done nothing. And if there is a Harrison spin off… I don’t want to watch it.

    • Same here. They’ve screwed us twice now. On top of it they made Harrison a bullshit/inconsistent character with their ending. It’s a shame because that kid was a great actor, I could not imagine someone better to play the part.

      • Agree. Harrison came looking for answers, but he had the letter to Hannah, he has all the answers. Plus, why would Hannah keep that letter?? Wouldn’t it have been better for Harrison not to know the truth about Dexter?

  11. I subscribed to showtime, only for Dexter new blood. After the final episode, I want a refund. Wow! My 4 year old grandson could have written a better finale than that! Michael C Hall, you are amazing and there is no other actor who could ever play Dexter as well as you. You and Dexter deserved much better than what you were given in the finale.

  12. This was the most horrific outcome after waiting for so long for redemption after the awful Dexter finale….what a way to screw a show up twice!!! What the hell were the writers thinking by killing Dexter…WTF!!! I was all in for the first nine episodes thinking as a fan I wouldn’t be screwed over the same way as the Dexter finale did nearly 10 years ago…boy I was wrong! How the hell is killing Dexter at the hands of his son a good ending??? WTH!!! Dexter may have been a serial killer but he was a good guy! He corrected what justice fuc***d up! He shouldn’t have died that way and it was really f**kd up to bring the fans back & cut their hearts out with that shitty finally!!! It would have been better to have left us with the piece of shi*t finale of the original Dexter!

  13. Perhaps the worst ending in the history of television. A Harrison spin off??? Kid is an interesting as watching pain dry. I mean he’s ok as a side kick kind of character to Dexter. Which is where I thought the series was going. Dexter and Harrison move to LA and we get to see Dexter but with a sidekick! Great idea! But as usual Hollywood reminds us that each year they get less talented! Dexter was one of the best shows in television history and to bring back such a great show only to put up this sad excuse for entertainment is pathetic. Personally I’m just not going to even acknowledge this season and accept that Dexter got away and got to live out a peaceful life outdoors. Truly the worst ending I have seen since How I Met Your Mother

  14. I want a refund on my Paramount account that I got just to watch Dexter. You have got to be f**king joking with this bull**it

  15. I LOVED it until this last episode!!! I wished I’d never even watched any of it now. Dexter shouldn’t have bothered coming back if it was just for one season ……. And if it was just to introduce Harrison…..forget it, I don’t care to watch without Dexter. And, seriously have Dexter kill Logan????? Dumbest part besides Harrison killing Dexter!!!!!! Im going to pretend this was just a nightmare. I suggest you do the same and go back to the drawing board quick!!!

  16. I liked this new season until the 9th episode. I think it was clear where they were going with it and it was sloppy. Truth is this: fans of Dexter accept Dexter for what/who he is. If we wanted him to pay for his dark side we wouldn’t be watching. If Michael C Hall wanted him to die to end the series, a better ending could have been written that in some way redeemed Dexter as a person. They didn’t need to bring back the show to make Dexter out to be so unlikable in the very last episode. That was a real kick in the gut for all of us fans that truly wanted something better for him. Very disappointing. Absolutely no interest in a spin-off….fool me once shame on you….fool me twice (or would it be 3 times?)…

    • “Truth is this: fans of Dexter accept Dexter for what/who he is. If we wanted him to pay for his dark side we wouldn’t be watching.”

      ^This^. It’s a fantasy show, not a morality tale! On top of it they showed Dexter could love. The scene with him communing with the white deer was amazing. They could have continued to grow his character.

      • so ture. Dexter is not a normal killer! This is not a crime show, shouldn’t think as the normal way. He is smart, strong, escape everytime, protect the person who he cares. This is all about Dexter, all about this show itself. I don’t understand kill Dexter? really? What’s all this show for? Tell us a really special serial killer who we all love him, but he is still a killer so he need to die finally? Really? This is so boring ending.

      • Exactly!

        How are they so out of touch with the core appeal of their own show? This isn’t what we come to watch. So many of us buying an entire subscription just for this show.

        I would have loved to see development and growth of Dexter’s character too! Little known is that some psychopathic traits begin to dissipate as people reach 40s and 50s according to some psychology studies. Instead of pursuing this avenue they devolved Dexter’s character and paint the murder of Dexter at the hands of his son as a beautiful thing. What a load of crap.

  17. I’ve been excited for a week since epsiode 9. Now I don’t even want to watch the finale after reading all the comments on the internet. I might just pass and pretend New Blood didn’t happen.

  18. I too loved episodes 1-9 but wtf… I’m so pissed.. horrible ending.. should have let Dexter & son get the hell out of that shitty town… female cop sucked.. how can they screw up an ending like that.. where were the other writers in the room? taking a nap? You mean to tell me that no one thought the ending was horrible? 😡😠🤬🤯

  19. I literally thought Dexter was going to wake up from a bad Dream ! I kept waiting and waiting for the next moment to be all a dream ! I wish I never ever watched this show! It was the worst writing ever … I could have written a better ending myself. Why start a new mini series just to end it ? Everything was left all up in the Air .

  20. I literally thought Dexter was going to wake up from a bad Dream ! I kept waiting and waiting for the next moment to be all a dream ! I wish I never ever watched this show! It was the worst writing ever … I could have written a better ending myself. Why start a new series just to end it ? Everything was left all up in the Air .

  21. This is how it should have gone. When Dexters girlfriend accuses him of being the bay harbour butcher Dexter should have told her that he stumbled on to the missing women. And instead of her going by herself he could have convinced her to let him go with her. If they wanted to kill Dexter off when they get there the cop girlfriend is going off her head and is still accusing Dexter of being the BHB. She fights Dexter but Dexter doesn’t want to hurt her so he strangles her to unconsciousness not dead. He rings Harrison and when he turns up she is still unconscious they think and they talk about what’s been happening and she over hears Dexter’s plan to leave the town. She starts to get up and tells them she has heard everything and that the only way he will get out if He kills her. Dexter doesn’t want to but he doesn’t have a choice but as he goes towards her Harrison shoots him. I would really have preferred for Dexter not to die at all as I have loved Dexter from the original series. I would have preferred Dexter just running off and leaving Harrison as he didn’t want to go. Or as someone else said that he could wake up handcuffed in hospital with angel waiting for him to wake.

  22. Episodes 1-9 were solid but the finale could not have been worse! Infuriating plot holes all over. Everyone was acting out of character. My 4 year old grandson could have written a better finale! Someone is absolutely getting sacked for this sloppy job.

    • OK ok showtime I want you to go back, remember when special Agent frank fucking Lundy was gunned down and drxter says ” Lundy you were a worth advisory, you deserved better than to be gunned down like this” that is exactly how we feel. Dexter deserved better than what he got in this series, turned our favorite vigilante into a evil man and killed him smh should of left dex alone chopping wood living his best quite life ,

  23. Plot holes just to name a few:
    How did the podcast girl never recognize Dexter using photos back from Miami days?
    How did Harrisons rifle not burn in the fire?
    How is police chief ever going to know where Kurt is? No closure to what she was working on “her entire life”?
    Why flip moral standards and let a murderer go?
    Why did Harrison ignore the letter that clearly states his dad cared about him deeply?

    This a joke? Didn’t have budgets for half decent writers? Heads will roll!

    • 1. Because she wasnt an actual journalist or slueth. She PODCASTED stories she read on the internet. She didnt have the brain to dig up ANY info. Her followers did. She just was the voice. And out of all the reports on killers, how long ago did she record the miami series before coming to new blood? Shes not going to remeber the face of EVERY husband of a murdered woman. As trinity had tons of victims. He was also almost 20 years younger.
      2. Why do you assume his rifle was left in the house? she goingto know where kurt- ugh, dude. She was JUST investigating decter and HE told her where the bodies where, she would figure out he was a victim of his. She KNOWS he burned matts body, only so many places that could have been. Even if she doesnt ahe can still correctlyassume hes dead.
      4… do you think anyone is flipping standard letting a killer go??? Cause angela isnt arresting kurt? Ugh shes going to figure out what happened as it is obvious.
      5. Ignore the letter? Kid, he LISNTED to the letter. He said he needed to die for harrison to live. And thats what he did. Infact the thing he said to his dad “open your eyes and look at what you did!” Is the same line dexter used after the first ep first scene “tonights the night” grabbed a pedo and yelled at him “open your eyes and look at what you did”

      So your illogical unthought out ideas are you projecting your insecurities of disliking the ending …

  24. Batista just happens to run into Chief girlfriend and happens to blurt out Harrison, and Chief girlfriend just happens to suspect Dexter, the most unassuming guy in town. to be the bay harbor butcher because doped up Harrison decides to spill the beans on Daddy because he’s not happy with how their reunion is going, because he is a little biatch who wants Dexter to open up about his past immediately.

    If there is a spinoff, does Harrison come to realize that HE was the reason Dexter was in that cell? Does he realize that Dexter somewhat accidentally and a bit in self-defense killed an innocent cop because he loved Harrison more than life itself? Will that anger he fealt towards his Dad turn in to anger towards himself? If it doesn’t, then what’s the point of a spinoff? Harrison may be very intelligent, but he has a lot of growing up to do.

    We fans loved loved loved the Dexter character, although he was showing his age in season 9. We NEED another serial killer of serial killers. It’s a true superhero without all of the unrealistic folklore and superpowers of the MCU.

    I think it got a little woke in that finale, and as one great man said, “Everything woke turns to shit!”

  25. I found this thread immediately after watching the finale by googling “Dexter WTF”. I liked the hashtag from above #DexterIsAlive. We didn’t see him grab that bulletproof vest from the police station, or maybe Chief Girlfriend stops the bleeding and nurses him back to health. If these writers want to work again, they have to somehow undo that entire episode. I liked the idea of Harrison pointing the gun at Dexter, but actually pulling the trigger? NO NO NO NO NO! My favorite “super” hero of all time killed by a whiny little bitch with severe Daddy issues that are somehow cured by Harrison killing Dexter? WHAT?!

  26. I urged caution going into new blood: brought to you by the creaters of old blood, and my horrible expectation came true. How can they make a character so good and have such bad writers? This is trying to make Spiderman all over again! 😈

  27. Hmm. Well, I gess Micheal C Hall decided to retire in real life. Even if Dexter comes back in imagination like Deb & Harry, it’s not gona be the same. Whenever a show loses the main character, it’s never as good anymore & people loose interest. So, now he’s dead, it was good while it lasted. Now you won’t even be able to call the show Dexter. Ratings.. BOOM! Down the drain.. I’m not gona watch it any more.

  28. Just awful! I hated the ending and the entire sloppy, poorly written episode 10. If I had know how bad the ending would be, I would not have watched season 10 at all. SHAME ON YOU!

  29. If Dexter’s sole motivation in LIFE was the make sure Harrison was OK, then the ending was completely off the mark. Dexter of all people should have know how letting Harrison kill him would fuck him up for life. It was the complete antithesis of everything Dexter believed in or stood for. HUGE dissapointment.

  30. Ya wow talk about failure to read a room yet again!! If Dexter was going to die in a dramatic fashion then the first ending of the original series was the place to do it. After watching 8 seasons I would of been ok with watching him go out in a blaze of glory. Yet they totally misread the room and had some mediocre ending leaving us all a bit upset. Then they bring him back almost ten years later in a new setting with a bunch of new possibilities only to kill him off just when everyone was really enjoying Dexter again! I understand that they wanted to have this emotional father/son finish but for me it missed the mark on every level and it’s evident that the people in charge of the show once again just can’t read the room!!! And please don’t tell me that Harrison is going to get some stupid spin off because he killed his father saying he wanted to be normal, and claimed he didn’t have a dark passenger he was just angry at Dexter for abandoning him. And now how is he any better off??? He’s all alone in the world again with nobody and nowhere to go!! How is that any better??? If Harrison was going to get any type of spin off then it should of been with his father!!

  31. What did you expect? Good lord are people dumb let alone delusional.. This is how the original show should’ve ended only we finally get a proper end, which would always have been his predicted death. Least the weight person took him out. Predictable of course big big any less fitting. He got away with way too much ridiculous crap because his fellow cops were sense albeit one. Duh. This completely makes up for the last 4 seasons of Dexter that missed the mark. Babies.

    • Bruh I agree with you, it was a fitting end even if obvious. Your point would’ve gone better had you done spellcheck. I hate to admit that I’m one of those people. We all know Dexter fans are weak and often crazy so this was expected. I believe that is why Phillips said that stupid stuff he did about blowing up the internet because he knew they’d be pissed because of how delusional and demanding they are. I mean they asked for this and they need to realize that. Nope. Clueless and whiny as always. Hilarious.

  32. Clyde Phillip’s I’m disappointed in you, you had me on the edge of my seat until that totally disappointing final episode. I was thinking that new blood was going to be a passing of the torch series, but I was wrong. Nobody wants a Harrison spin off, at least not this soon. We needed a good lead into the spinoff, and this wasnt it. What a waste of a good opportunity, you got everybody on board with dexter being back just to ruin the ending. What a complete disappointment, I’ll just pretend this show never happened and watch old dexter re runs.

  33. No offense but only real ending to do unless wait for the needle. Yeah that would’ve been great.. Him realizing he was a true monster and the code was bs finally set in with Harrison yelling at him with the real truth. As a fan that doesn’t permeate with you? Some fan. That was necessary. Other serial killers tried telling him this but the code took over as if he was amazingly better than them for hiding his true feelings. Ridiculous.

    He got the ending we all expected and guess what? It fit. A guy like that would never have accepted going to jail for life so he split. Unrealistic in how he got out but it’s Dexter. Was done better than I predicted but if you watched the show all year the white deer from the first episode was a huge sign he was going to die. Was done well. Go complain on Twitter and whine. It’s what your generation does best.

    • You totally missed what I meant, I knew he would die eventually, I was saying they missed an opportunity to really flesh out the story between father and son, In my opinion ( I’m probably older than you btw)

    • I would’ve been completely fine with his past catching up with him in the end. But for him to just idiotically kill Logan and rush out in a mad dash felt very out of character for him. That was far from the methodical and code-driven Dexter we’ve grown to see.

      Similarly, while the idea of Harrison placing “Don’t kill people who don’t deserve it” higher in priority than “Don’t get caught” was interesting, it felt like Harrison did a complete 180 in a heartbeat after we had just seen them bond and finally find a person who actually understands them. There was just zero room for these ideas to breathe, where their ideologies started clashing.

      I really thought it was brilliant from Dexter to insist the camera goes off and tell Angela where the girls were, as I expected that despite Angela being very loyal to law, she would end up having some redeeming opinions of Dexter, when he realizes Dexter has both uncovered and killed the monster who did something that terrible to the girls. That he’d see Dexter as someone who only really was taking out the trash, even if it’s sick how he does it.

      I kinda expected that Angela would see a little more eye to eye with Dexter, but with Batistas evidence, they’d still connect the dots and he’d have to face justice. Then we could’ve seen the same discussion between Dexter and Harrison through the prison glass, where Harrison has introspected himself and he tells Dexter that he is NOT like Dexter, but is fucked up because of Dexter and the abandonment. That he’s going to try and make a go at life and Dexter would wish him good luck avoiding his dark passenger. That they’d both have their disagreements and differences, but still in the end, resolve where Harrison would see WHY Dexter did what he did, but would not join his “cause”.

      Eventually Dexter would be put down with a lethal injection having made his peace and leaving Harrison in the world having gotten his closure and answers. Maybe even they’d agree that Harrison would live with Angela, dating her daughter, but Dexter would have to go due to having been caught of all he did.

      That would’ve been an ending where I absolutely accept Dexter dying.

      But the last 20 minutes felt… very rushed and like a mess.

      Oh and the “Twitter and whine” insults feel quite a bit like what this generation does… not being able to discuss a single disagreement without trying to put others down. Shame.

  34. Many are missing the point. When this season started didn’t you notice that Dexter Season 9 was so “Woke?”
    Every episode made sure to have the required predictable hollywood stereotypes of Liberalism. Actors, american indian, check, asian, check, black, check, powerful feminism women in positions of authority, check. evil dumb rich white men, check, check, check. endangered species, check, evil meat eaters, check, protest of evil corporations, check. climate change agenda, check. on and on in every episode. So then the ending all makes Woke sense. Cant condone vigilantism. Gotta kill the vigilante.

    • Lol! True! Good point!

      The real agenda was never to bring back Dexter and give him and us a believable ending worthy of our intelligence and ehem …cash dollars.

  35. WORST series finale ever. How do you make two horrible series finales? This is WORSE than the last finale. Y’all had an opportunity to make up for that ending and made it WORSE.

  36. So after 40 years following the code Dexter has a brain fade and decides to break Logan’s neck in self defense after Logan, who previously wouldn’t hurt a fly, decides he is going to try the impossible and blow Dexter’s head off. And that sloppily executed scene is what the ending turns on when Dexter says to his son Hey I killed Logan, stupidly omits he had to and such is Harrison’s high regard for Logan, Law enforcement and fury at his father who recently saved his life that he shoots him in the chest. Dexter is thrilled at this outcome offering himself up to his thoroughly unlikeable son. Then she who is the law lets Harrison go because…well just because.

    Its like they realised they only had 20 minutes to end the series and decided they couldn’t be bothered anymore.

    • Right! No compassion for the murderer Dexter but murderer Harrison gets a free pass so apparently Angela has her own skewed moral code too.

      And don’t forget, Harrison WOULD run with his dad. Why? Because he helped Dexter with murder and dismemberment and no 16 year old with even a hint of self preservation would turn himself in for his crimes which means possibke life in prison. Teenagers don’t even admit to drinking at parties ffs. We’re supposed to believe Harrison suddenly found a conscience and wrap that up in patricid?

      It’s a pill I’m not swallowing.

  37. After years of investment, love & fascination; my reward for adoring Dexter is to have my heart ripped out… Sadly not on Dexter’s table, but on the cutting room floor of lazy, pathetic, sloppy hacks who didn’t have the heart to do Dexter or his fans justice…. Shameful… It’s all but ruined his memory for me & millions of others…

  38. This finale must be erased and forgotten, if you wanna continues Dexter story, send Dexter to jail, life in prision with real murderers, letters from a new monter freak girlfriend to jaill, so many ideas….

  39. Nope. No. Nada. If anything was ever going to be solved it would be the MIami PD. But let’s look at all the “problems” here. Dude goes missing and his Dad demands an investigation then doesn’t. No big red flags there. And a Chief who can’t put two and two together about all these missing girls (best friend included) and Kurt is going to put together Dexter, BHB and all because of a remark by Batista. And why would that info even come to light: Everyone agrees the Kurt and his son are a-holes but hey… let’s focus on loveable Jim Lindsey.
    And Angela is going to walk thru a total burnt out house and just find a bone screw? There was no roof. That puts several inches of ash and debris. And yes, Kurt burned down the house but he wouldn’t have planted evidence. And of course you would be more focused on your boyfriend then the guy who killed your best friend.
    Then Harrison, who is now bonding with his Dad is going to kill him because he killed a Coach he barely knows. The guy who didn’t rat him out about cutting up the kid in the beginning?
    And back to Angela… going to let Harrison go? No thought as to why things were so quiet until he showed up? (Except those girls missing). But gotta be Jim/Dexter? Sure I believe that.

  40. Should’ve ended with Harrison telling Dexter to not kill Kurt before he is tied to the table. That’s where he realizes he is not like his father, and his mother wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for Dexter hunting Arthur. This throws Dexter off and allows Kurt to wake up and knock out Dexter.

    Kurt ties them both up so Dexter can watch him kill Harrison, using Dexter’s own knives. Dexter has to save Harrison by getting between him and Kurt, but gets stabbed and killed in front of Harrison, which in turn gives him the justification to kill Kurt and quiet his own demons.

    It would still be a final act of selfless love, sacrificing himself to keep his son safe and set him on the new path to follow the code.

  41. This is how it should have endend :
    Dexter and Harrison at the christmas party – but after they killed Kurt this time – and then the doorbell rings. Angela goes to open the door, then comes back at Dexter saying : “It’s for you…”

    Dexter stands and, as he gets closer to the door, we see Hannah and Dex’s actual true son, Harrison. Then Boom ! The credits start ! “New Blood is gonna come back for season 2 !”

  42. Know one checked him to be sure he was dead the shot was not center of mass….at most a chest wound? If he can make it in the ocean threw that storm he can make it past this. Do right by him and have him live he laying in snow the hypothermia would slow blood loss Give us back Dexter!!!!!!! the show is not called Harrison. Thanks

    • im hoping the same thing. maybe writers see the stupidity of this ending. we waited 8 years just to kill off the star of the show?

  43. Dexter would not have killed Coach. Dexter didn’t use ketamine in the original series, he used M99. So many mistakes.
    Maybe Dexter did have to die but his character is so beloved that it just made fans angry that you attempted to make him evil. No one , who is a fan, wants to see you make him evil.
    Harrison killing Dexter is not realistic because Harrison is wimpy and emotional.
    Yikes. This was bad. It should have been a powerful moment if you had to kill him.

  44. I was shocked and disappointed and then pissed! Why are they so determined to end any possibility of future Dexter episodes? I would have loved another season with father and son ending the lives of really bad pp! The ending seemed disjointed and his son, who was a violent twisted little shit, suddenly becomes this sensitive, morality preacher who has to KILL his own father in order to stop him from doing something HE NEVER DOES! Dexter ONLY Kills evil horrible pp….this one time, he kills someone to be with his son and his son decides to STOP him from ever killing another random guy again! What about all the evil guys that won’t be stopped? Wasn’t that what Harrison just said a few days before he Shiite his dad!

  45. Surprised they didn’t have him die from Covid.

    I don’t know what I had in mind for an ending but I was not satisfied seeing Dexter die. We grew to love and see him as a quirky good guy serial killer. But then they put him down like a rabid dog. None of us saw him as a rabid dog so of course we aren’t going to be into that. I do think they left the door open for a Harrison spin off with Dexter as his guide. But Harrison didn’t know dexter well enough for us to believe that he’d be able to learn and follows Dexter’s code. It’s an imagined version of who you knew not a ghost.

    That old saying about how you can never go back home is so true. It just didn’t feel the same. Probably shoukd have just left us fans pissing and moaning about the original ending.

    • I wish they would have shown more back story on Harrison with Hanna and also how he managed to find Dexter. He was not a likable character. But I wondered how much he knew and he must have seen some shit with Hanna. I was thinking maybe it was going to come out that she was his first victim or something.

  46. Poor plot loyalty to the code and a rushed abrupt ending that could have easily given another excellent season. I am betting the writers and showtime are kicking themselves, because this only decreases showtime membship base and leaves true fans very let down and disappointed. Not about Dexter’s inevitable demise, but the piss poor way it was handled. There was very little believable about the final episode. I really didn’t think they would screw it up, but they did and unfortunately there is no going back. Sad.

  47. I NEVER post comments or anything because I see it as a waste of time, however, this was warranted. I cant make a comment or rate on Rotten Tomatoes (which apparently is not a consumer determined rating system anymore). The ending was sloppy and a joke. The season was sub par and I was hoping it was leading into something important. All I can tell is the same situation that was done to Star Wars, they did not want to pay the original actors their value and killed off people abruptly without any logical reason that did not fit their MO. I even purchased a membership to showtime for this (which will subsequently be cancelled now). There is no way Dexter would have killed that police officer because it does not follow his code. He was willing to go to prison a million times in the REAL Dexter series because of the code. This is so ridiculous.

  48. Goodbye, Dexter Morgan. Thanks for wasting my time on a poorly written reboot.

    Now, I feel like I need to binge the original Dexter series just to get this taste out of my mouth

    • I guess they could always pull some Dallas (series) garbage and have Dexter awaken from a dream. Ugh…after writing that, I want to slap myself

  49. Agreed. I found out about the ending before I saw it and just didn’t watch the last 2 episodes. I know that maybe Dexter’s dying was justified, but I would have preferred he not kill the coach and he & Harrison disappear. To leave the series with Harrison having killed his father without any idea as to how it affected the young man is sloppy.

  50. I think Clyde Phillips needs to sit down with Vince Gilligan and let Vince teach him how to end a TV show because this isn’t it.. how do you fuck up the ending to your show twice? lol I think the true end of dexter should result in death as well but this was not the way to go about it, or the right time… why bring a show back for one season? whats the point? they could’ve at least had 4 or 5 seasons of this new series and ended it at the right time like breaking bad and ozark.. make dexter’s death mean something, maybe have a new killer capture Angela or Harrison in a season 4 finale and dexter come in at the end and save them and get killed in the process or something… just at least make Dexter’s death mean something, let him redeem himself, let dexter go out respected, not shit on.. you guys turned him into a meaningless asshole in the finale and thats ridiculous… I had high hopes for this finale.. especially after I read that Clyde Phillips said “this finale is the greatest thing I’ve ever written”….. got me over here like “…maybe you should quit writing, dude. ” lol smh jesus, that ending was garbage..

  51. That sucked – it sucked so bad. The writers suck. Anyone who approved this ending sucks. I agree with that guy that said not to bring back Dexter as a ghost. When they wrote in Deb as a ghost, that sucked and and stunk up an otherwise great first 9 episodes. If there is a spinoff, anyone who watches it will be encouraging this idea where other people try to tell us what we like – and everything after that will suck just that much more because of it.

    In conclusion, thanks for a complete and utter disappointment. I would like to see a series where everyone responsible dies and I don’t care how – just make it one episode, line then up against a wall and shoot them in the first minute. Then for the rest of the half hour loop Harrison shooting his dad followed by shooting those bastards responsible for showing us that garbage. It’s a one episode half hour long series called Dexter: justice too late to matter.

  52. Wow Michael. You came back because the first ending was mediocre at best (but I felt it was acceptable) and you wanted to spark it up. This is by far worse. No test audience before releasing? Biggest anti-climax I’ve ever seen. Wondering why you even bothered now……although you had a ‘killer’ premise with huge potential directions. Now you have to survive just to please fans that are even more pissed off now. I welcome a spin-off but not based on that ending.

  53. I was much happier with the earlier ending with Dexter being alive. New blood made Dexter look incompetent which was not like the earlier version of Dexter. And the thought of Harrison killing Dexter with the rifle Dexter had bought him for Christmas was terrible. I thought the series would go with the sheriff looking a bit incompetent but they made Dexter look incompetent. I am totally disappointed with the way it ended. It almost looks like they will try to bring Harrison back as the new “Dexter” but I am sorry Harrison will not fill those shoes.
    Now… if they were to do a new series where Dexter survived the shooting and is in the hospital as a prisoner and is found innocent or escapes I would be happier.

    For now very disappointed

  54. What a terrible ending. Season 8 finale was garbage. This is infinitely worse. I hope they don’t have plans for more New Blood seasons following Harrison, because I will not watch then. Two big middle fingers to the writers of this trash.

  55. I think most people are misplacing their sadness that Dexter is once and for all gone with trashing this episode and season. This season, including the last episode, was FAR better than the seasons w/out Williams as the show runner. I will say that this season could have been a few more episodes, some of it felt rushed and we were asked to suspend our disbelief in some situations where it wasn’t easy–like the idea that Dexter wouldn’t hear gas being sprayed on the roof of his house or (I think this is how Logan died), the bullet ricocheting off a wall (?). I don’t mind having to suspend my disbelief, this is art after all, but I do question Dexter not telling his son exactly how Logan died, he let him think he killed him intentionally because he “wouldn’t cooperate.” And Dexter wouldn’t do that in my opinion. That’s the one complaint I have because it has to do with staying true to the character.

    I watched this last night and couldn’t believe I hadn’t considered the possibility that this was a one and done kind of thing. Stupid me. Maybe Michael Hall only accepted this role because of this. Dexter came close to killing himself or letting his sister kill him or going to jail throughout all the seasons of this show so the last scene is understandable. He was confronted with the innocent people who no longer have their lives because of his existence and thought a genuine act of love towards his son, after all his betrayals as a father, would be to let his son put him down and end it once and for all.

    I’ll never forget the image of him pointing to his heart, showing Harrison exactly where to shoot him in the way Dexter moves. It was devastating. And I’m angry he’s gone too. But I’m not angry at the writing and the decision making, it was much better than what we got in the last few seasons. I’m angry that the next season or two or three was taken away when I was looking forward to having Dexter, once again, in my life. So of course there is going to be anger with those of us who love Dexter.

    But don’t misplace anger and disappointment at Dexter’s death for trashing the show because this season was a breath of fresh air. Yes, it was a devastating end, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the season was a triumph.

  56. EDIT….Maybe Dexter does kill Logan, I have no idea, maybe I have to watch that scene again. If he does, it’s definitely better and illustrates the cornered animal that Dexter has become. An animal that is eventually, (mercifully?) put down.

  57. The ending just didn’t ring true to me. After what we had seen between them previously, there’s no way in hell Harrison could have pulled that trigger and actually killed his own father. In reality i feel they would have hastily gone there own separate ways so as not to complicate one another’s lives anymore..
    Also, to have Harrison driving off at the end, again all Jessie Pinkman style, just felt lazy, predictable and totally unconvincing.

  58. Please! I’m begging you to bring Dexter back!! Imagine…His eyes slowly open in the snow and we realize that the bullet just grazed his heart and he survives!! Then you can get back to business and continue with the best show ever! Michael C Hall must come back! I’ve been so depressed I can hardly stand it!! Please fix this and continue what you started with New Blood!! Please. I love all of the other characters, but Dexter is not Dexter without Michael. This CAN work! Get creative and make it happen.

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