Fans Give Lowest Ratings to Dexter New Blood Final Episode on IMDb

Dexter New Blood Final Episode aired on January 9 2022. The series starred Michael C Hall, Julia Jones, Jack Alcott and Alano Miller. Titled ‘Sins of the Father’, Marcos Siega directed the last episode written by Clyde Phillips, Alexandra Franklin and Marc Muszynski. The last episode kills Hall’s Dexter Morgan as Harrison shoots him. Fans are very disappointed with the finale.

On IMDb, fans have rated this episode the lowest compared to the first 9 episodes. One person shared on the platform, “It’s bs to bring the show back just to kill our hero. It’s disrespectful not to just the fans, but to the character of Deb also, who sacrificed everything for him. Yet Harrison’s seen as right by killing him, when Angela just did the same thing Deb’s guilty of by letting Harrison go. Harrison’s still the same person that killed an innocent student, Dexter not being around isn’t going to change that. It’s bad writing and like much of the season very predictable. The music sub-par also.”

Another fan posted, “This dumbing down of Dexter in New Blood was really disappointing. Half dozen outright shallow red herrings, plot holes, lowbrow “closure” type ending. “Well, look at you” indeed.” Someone called it ‘trash’ and wrote, “I can believe the ending of Dexter New Blood is even worse here than the original Dexter. Trash. Shame on producers to waste an opportunity to create the real ending to one of the most iconic characters of all time.”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10

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Dexter New Blood’s ‘Sins of the Father’ has the lowest ratings of 4.4 out of 10. The rating is lower than the original Dexter Season 8 finale episode ‘Remember the Monsters’. The rating for the 2013 episode is 4.6 out of 10.

Check out Dexter New Blood Final Episode IMDb rating:

Fans Give Lowest Ratings to Dexter New Blood Final Episode on IMDb

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