Dexter New Blood Episode 8 Promo: Trouble for Dexter on All Sides!

Dexter New Blood Episode 8 promo is now out. The trailer features Michael C Hall, Clancy Brown, Jack Alcott and Julia Jones. In episode 7, Dexter learns that Kurt knows he killed Matt. Angela gets suspicious of Dexter, and Harrison drifts more away from his father. One of Kurt’s men kidnaps Dexter at the end of the episode.

Well, the plot thickens more as trouble has just started coming Dexter Morgan’s way. In Dexter New Blood Episode 8 trailer for ‘Unfair Game’, Dexter struggles to free himself from the kidnapper. The man tortures the serial killer until he bleeds and shouts in pain.

Kurt is seen chilling with Harrison as they play tennis together. Later, the serial killer of Iron Lake also offers a drink to Dexter’s son. As Kurt knows Dexter killed his son Matt, it looks like the serial killer plans to do the same with Harrison. Well, this is not the only trouble for Michael C Hall’s character.

Dexter New Blood Episode 8 Promo: Trouble for Dexter on All Sides!

Angela, who has gotten suspicious of Dexter at the end of episode 7, does her little investigation. She meets Miles, the drug peddler whom Dexter was about to kill in one of the previous episodes. Miles tells Angela that Dexter attacked him by injecting a needle and shows the scar on his neck.

So what’s going to happen to Dexter Morgan with all the troubles coming his way? Well, we will find some answers in Dexter: New Blood Episode 8.

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Dexter New Blood Episode 8 promo

Check out Dexter New Blood Episode 8 promo below:

The episode titled ‘Unfair Game’ will release next Sunday on ShowTime. For Indian viewers, the episode will drop on Voot.

What do you think will happen to Dexter, Kurt and Harrison next? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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