Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review: Predator Turns Protector

Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 titled ‘Skin of Her Teeth’ is now out. Directed by Sanford Bookstaver, the episode is written by Veronica West, Kirsa Rein and Alexandra Salerno. The series stars Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, Alano Miller, Jamie Chung and Clancy Brown. The duration of the episode is 40 minutes approximately.

The synopsis reads, “On learning that a serial killer may have set his eyes on someone he cares for, Dexter decides to protect that person. Meanwhile, Dexter struggles to connect with his son Harrison on a deeper level. How will Dexter handle the situation?”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review Contains Spoilers

Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Recap

In Dexter: New Blood Episode 7, ‘Skin of Her Teeth,’ Dexter helps Angela understand what happened to Iris. He figures out the skin on Iris’ teeth and asks Angela to run it for a DNA test to find the killer. Angela tells Dexter that she believes Kurt Caldwell is responsible for the murder of her friends. She also expresses her doubts about Kurt’s version of Matt’s “appearance”.

Dexter tells Angela everything that happened with Molly and about Kurt’s cabin. The duo visits Kurt’s cabin, but Kurt has destroyed all the proofs. The walls of the rooms are stripped off, and the furniture is nowhere to be seen. It almost looks like an abandoned house. Dexter later visits Kurt’s diner, where Harrison also works as a truck cleaner. Kurt and Dexter have an intense conversation, where the former says he thought they’d be friends.

Dexter learns something unexpected in Dexter: New Blood Episode 7, and he has no choice but to deal with Kurt himself. He also wants to keep Harrison from being misled by Kurt. On the other hand, Kurt appears to be one step ahead of everyone. Will the skin on Iris’ teeth match Kurt’s? What is Dexter Morgan’s next move? Will Harrison and his father ever be able to reconcile their differences? To find out, you’ll have to watch the episode.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 promo

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With every episode, Dexter: New Blood keeps getting better. The episode began with a startling revelation, became intriguing in the middle, and ended with a startling conclusion. I won’t go into details because there are sequences that one must watch by themselves. While I enjoy the tension and mystery, the Dexter-Harrison relationship has begun to bother me. Harrison’s dismissive attitude toward his father has become tiresome.

Angela has learned Jim’s secret, Audrey is fearful of Harrison, and Kurt is another serial killer in the seventh episode. The equations of Harrison and Dexter, on the other hand, are trapped on the same track. I don’t expect the two to get along, but something drastic should happen there as well.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review: Final Thoughts

The latest episode is intense and unsettling. ‘Expect the unexpected’ is a fitting tagline for the series. I’m curious to see what happens next after that shocking end.  How will the makers put it all together? Why do we have to wait another week for a new episode? Someone give Dexter fans an award for being patient while witnessing the craziness that’s unfolding on the screen.

The episode is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review: Titled 'Skin of Her Teeth', Dexter really needs to up his game if he wants to protect himself and others.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review: Predator Turns ProtectorDexter: New Blood Episode 7 Review: Titled 'Skin of Her Teeth', Dexter really needs to up his game if he wants to protect himself and others.