Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 Review: Covering the Tracks

Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 ‘Smoke Signals’ is now out. The 55 minutes episode is directed by Sanford Bookstaver and written by David McMillan. It stars Michael C Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Clancy Brown, Johnny Sequoyah and Jamie Chung.

The synopsis read, “Dexter’s problem continues to grow as the police use thermal cameras on the hunting ground and find that another person had been around the area where Matt Caldwell went missing from. Will Dexter be able to cover his tracks?”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 Review Contains Mild Spoilers

Dexter wants to leave no chance to make things right with his son Harrison. But his kill after a decade’s rest is causing trouble as he didn’t do it perfectly. With the criminal investigation going, the serial killer has been alert. When the blood traces at the crime scene matches Matt and his father Kurt, Dexter panics. Angela decides to get the patrol dogs to find Matt’s body.

Jim/Dexter is worried that the dogs will find Matt’s body in pieces buried in his fire pit. So he steps out at midnight to cover the tracks. On the other hand, his son Harrison has started going to high school. Something happens in school, which proves my point from the last episode that he, too, has a dark side. We don’t know if he’s a killer like his father or not. But Harry has shown some similar impulses in Dexter: New Blood Episode 3.

The man who was stalking a girl from hotel room cameras does something shocking. The makers have still not revealed his identity. But that is indeed another big trouble for Dexter and probably Harrison. Will Dexter succeed in covering his tracks? Will he make things all right with Harrison and realise that his son may also be like him? Will Harrison find out his father’s truth? Some of these questions are answered in the latest episode.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 ‘Smoke Signals’ is the best of all 3 episodes released so far. The settings, the fear and madness of Debra and everything else make it gripping. As the story progresses, new premises and twists are making their way. The twist, in the end, left jaw-dropping.

Michael C Hall has always played a killer 10 steps ahead of everyone. Seeing him add tension and panic to the character, along with playing a worrying father, is amazing. Actor Jack Alcott and Julia Jones as Harrison and Angela are great in the episode. Their characters add a lot of meaning to the series.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the third episode of Dexter: New Blood is worth watching. Many had complaints that the story was moving slowly. Well, if we wanted to understand how Dexter is more of Jim and less of himself, the pace had to be a bit slower. The twists are outstanding and only makes you want more.

The episode is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 Review: Dexter has to clear the mess ASAP and there's something more to Harrison than we know.

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