Devotion a Story of Love and Desire: All You Need to Know About Netflix’s New Romantic Drama

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire is Netflix’s upcoming Italian romantic drama series which is based on a novel by Marco Missiroli. The series is described as steamy, romantic and emotional by Netflix in their platform. The series is given an 18+ restricted view for mature audiences. The series will deal with themes on infidelity, cheating, adultery and a darker face of romance. The series is directed by Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli and the script is written by Elisa Amorusa, Laura Colella, and Alessandro Fabbri.

Netflix before this provided the audiences with such complex stories dealing with romance and desires in Dark Desire, Playing With Fire, Unstoppable and Toy Boy. Devotion a Story of Love and Desire will also deal with a similar darker tone of romance. It will show the characters faithfulness toward each other and how they deal with situations when things take a turn. In this article, we have covered the synopsis, star cast, trailer and release date for you.

Take A Look At A Picture From Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Trailer:

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire: All You Need to Know About Netflix's New Romantic Drama

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Cast:

The lead cast includes Michele Riondino, Lucrezia Guidone, Carolina Sala, Leonardo Pazzagli and Maria Paiato. Michele Riondino plays Carlo and Lucrezia Guidone plays Magherita, the leading couple.

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Plot/ Synopsis:

The series revolves around a married couple, Carlo and Margherita who are seen to be smitten and in love with each other. They have a happy married life almost like a fairytale but as the trailer progresses we see some things that affect their marriage. They are seen to get involved with other people causing trouble in their relationship. Their picture-perfect life is seen to tumble, as loyalty and faithfulness comes into question. The couple separately tries to follow their desires but fear the consequences.

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Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Release Date, Trailer and More:

The series Devotion a Story of Love and Desire will be released on Netflix. The Season 1 of the series will be available on the streaming service on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022. It will consist of six episodes. Netflix describes this series as “A seemingly happy marriage begins to dissolve when the husband’s faithfulness is called into question, and both spouses become tempted by other desires.”

Check Out The Trailer Of Devotion a Story of Love and Desire:

So if you want something new to watch this Valentine’s Day, go for Devotion a Story of Love and Desire as it will be a unique watch for a date night and might encourage deeper and more meaningful conversations with your partner. You can watch Devotion a Story of Love and Desire on Netflix on February 14.

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