Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Romantic Drama?

The question of Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2 has been crossing the minds of many. The latest Netflix’s romantic drama released during Valentine’s Day week, keeping us the spirit of romance has quickly enough become a favourite amongst the viewers. With screenplay writers Elisa Amorusa, Laura Colella, and Alessandro Fabbri involved, Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli are the directors of the series. The main cast which is our couple of the series is played by actors Michele Riondino (Carlo) and, Lucrezia Guidone (Margherita). The other cast members include Caroline Sala, Leonardo Pazzagli and, Maria Palato.

The series consists of six episodes dealing with marriage and, a potential betrayal that can break its foundation between our characters Carlo and Margherita. The series sets an uncanny reminder towards the HBO limited series Scenes from a Marriage and, somewhere follows the same theme even though they are reflected through different stories.

Will there be Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2?

The series ended on a note where we actually get an open ending with Carlo and Margherita parting ways. However, this happens on a very mutual and good note at the end, without the drama. The show ends there keeping us wondering where do our two protagonists stand making us wonder if a potential season two might just be in store.

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Devotion a Story of Love and Desire aired on February 14, 2022. Thus, it is too early to make a comment on the status of the show being renewed. Netflix usually takes over a month to decide on a show’s renewal based on the viewership metrics and, the popularity of the show in comparison to other shows belonging to the same genre.

Check out the trailer for Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 1 Trailer:

You can watch all the episodes of the show now on Netflix. To read the review for the same, click here.

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