Deaimon Episode 5 Review: Looming Rivalry This Season!

With ever-increasing casts and their stories intertwined with the main characters, Deaimon Episode 5 adds more. The grandmother is visiting home. Mitsuru and Kanoko have met each other. What could these new interactions hold for the future? Let’s find out more in this review!

Deaimon Episode 5 Overview

deaimon episode 5- itsuka scared

Deaimon is a slice of life, gourmet, and drama anime focusing on a Japanese sweets shop. A guy returns home after 10 years to take care of the shop, and his father’s proclaimed declining health. He is surprised to find a young girl working there, who is claimed by everyone to be the heir to the shop. The anime shows their daily life interactions and various journeys they have taken to end up here at the traditional sweets store in Kyoto. Deaimon is based on a manga written by Rin Asano. 

The anime adaptation is developed by Studio Encourage Films, an outfit that has produced many other anime such as Etotama, Hitorijime My Hero, and Isekai Cheat Magician. The show is being produced with Fumitoshi Oizaki (A Centaur’s Life, Etotama) serving as director, Reiko Yoshida (Blue Period, A Silent Voice) supervising the scripts, and Sakae Shibuya (Girl Friend Note, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) designing the characters and overseeing the animation.

– Deaimon Episode 5 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Deaimon Episode 5 Review- Old Cast Brings In New Light

deaimon episode 5- mitsuru, awkward itsuka and kanoko

Deaimon Episode 5 begins with the sun shining brightly, the cicadas chirping happily, and the zabutons being laid out in the sun and air, accompanied by cheerful music. The previous episode had marked the beginning of the summer. Accompanied with major themes such as cross-dressing, Deaimon handled it exceptionally well. The characters reacted appropriately, and the concept of privacy was understood by all.

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We proceed to another hot day in the summer in Kyoto. Schools are closed for the summer vacations. But Itsuka is still diligent as ever. She proceeds to go to the library for her summer holiday work, where she bumps into Mitsuru. Both of them are on their way back together to get some lunch when they meet Kanoko. The trio carries on to get the lunch together. But Itsuka seems to be choking on the air between Kanoko and Mitsuru. What could be the disfavour brewing between these two?

We meet yet another new character in Deaimon Episode 5– Nagomu’s grandmother. She is back home for Obon. The Obon week in mid-August is one of Japan’s three major holiday seasons (alongside New Year and Golden Week). We have been seeing Nagomu being treated harshly by his family till now. Hopefully, we get some insights as to how his relationships with his grandparents were. Grandmother’s addition was a great move. I mean, how often do we get to see a dad’s interaction with his mother!

Deaimon imparted great information in this episode as well. We see interactions about historical events woven with sweets that pair with them the best. I mean, cold soba and warabi mochi? That is a must-have Japanese lunch in summer! The common goal between Kanoko and Mitsuru gives a fun air of rivalry in the show. Grandmother’s beliefs are fresh despite her age, and she brings liveliness into the sweets shop Ryokushou. Nagomu remained in the background this episode, giving a chance for other characters to bond as well. Or did they?

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Compared to the previous episodes, Deaimon Episode 5 was much slower but warm and cozy nonetheless. Visuals were great as usual, pairing well with some of the traditional summer activities. With great elements of mystery sprinkled throughout the show, even more (obvious) signs were added in this episode. We can anticipate some major events happening soon in the upcoming episodes!

deaimon episode 5- mitsuru and kanoko friends


Deaimon Episode 5 was well-written. Old characters got a chance to catch up, and the newer characters built up the history of the cast and added a new dimension to their personalities. Despite nothing major happening in this episode, it laid a strong foundation for the upcoming events, and the dynamics characters will have amongst themselves.

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Deaimon Episode 5 was well-written. Old characters got a chance to catch up, and the newer characters built up the history of the cast and added a new dimension to their personalities.

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Deaimon Episode 5 was well-written. Old characters got a chance to catch up, and the newer characters built up the history of the cast and added a new dimension to their personalities.Deaimon Episode 5 Review: Looming Rivalry This Season!