Creator’s File Gold Review: Netflix Brings Some Crazy Comedy!

Creator’s File Gold is a comedy series featuring comedian Ryuji Akiyama along with several Japanese personalities as they perform various hilarious skits. There are 8 episodes, each around 25 minutes long.

Right off the bat let me just say that Creator’s File Gold has a great starting sequence; that song is gold. However, you know what’s more gold? The series, as a whole. It’s hilarious.

Comedian Ryuji Akiyama wins Creator’s File Gold with his skits. Every episode he focuses on a new Japanese creator and recreates several situations. He performs them with so much earnestness and truth that at first, I was confused whether this was actually happening in real life or not. But safe to say, this is all a joke and Akiyama does a brilliant job at being deadpan serious while performing ludicrous tasks.

In the first episode, he impersonates Yutaka Orio, a concierge of a seven-star hotel, and he had me rolling on the floor laughing at the way he ran around to make curry for a guest. His motto? Always say yes to guests and do everything with urgency. Ryusei Yokohama is the star guest in this episode and he and Orio look over the former’s script for an upcoming movie. It’s so funny.

The next episode is about Michi Uesugi, a prodigy child actor. The title of the episode is enough to make me giggle but the episode itself is hilarious. This episode features actress Yumi Adachi, who talks about the prodigal six-year-old child actor. The way they make Akiyama look small is just too funny.

Next, we have Yoko Fuchigami joined by Ai Tominaga. Both from the world of fashion, the first thing Fuchigami says is that Tominaga is wearing a dress made from a café chair’s fabric. The latter is also very happy to say that that’s true and that she had to make an effort because she was meeting her. More hilarity follows.

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The fourth episode is about a pure and innocent actress Sai Fujiwara. She is joined by Mei Nagano as they talk about their lives while on a promotional trip for Turtle Airlines. I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous ones, however, the location is mesmerising.

The fifth episode, titled, Zenjiro Shiraki (Professional Hanger-On) has the weirdest name. Wearing a pair of 8-bit glasses, Akiyama transforms into someone who is a professional hyper, someone who stays behinds stars in order to hype them up. According to him, creating that atmosphere is extremely important. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Aki Yashiro are the special guests in this episode. The idea is bizarre and hilarious.

The sixth episode is title Kibun Tsuyama (Theater Director). The special guests are Akira Nakao and Shino Ikenami and it follows Tsuyama, who is a theatre director. He throws a fit when the venue for the after-party isn’t booked and Nakao and Ikenami give him some advice. However, on the day of, not a lot of people appear, but the show is something else.

The seventh episode is titled Tsuwano Ishimaru (Nursery Rhyme Poet). Joe Odagiri is the special guest in this episode. I’m just going to say that the rhymes are extremely catchy but the lyrics are hilarious. This episode is probably the most interesting out of the lot.

The last episode is titled Donald C. Damper (Movie Director). This is a documentary accompanying the film Black Tiger and Damper hasn’t come off his filming buggy in 32 years. Yes, 32 years.

Ryuji Akiyama has done a commendable job embodying so many different characters and bringing their unique talents to light. Of course, this is a satire and brings various issues to light with humour, however, if you’re in the mood for some comedy that isn’t a standup, Creator’s File Gold might just be a good choice.

Summing up: Creator’s File Gold

Creator's File gold

Creator’s File Gold is funny and addictive and Ryuji Akiyama does a commendable job bringing the various personalities to light. My favourite was the first episode because watching the concierge running at top speed through the hotel to get curry and losing his shoe in the process is top TV that I have subscribed for. Also, if you’re into Japanese cinema and culture, you might just spot your favourite stars.

Creator’s File Gold is streaming on Netflix.

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Creator's File Gold is funny and hilarious, most of the episodes are absolutely bonkers.

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Creator's File Gold is funny and hilarious, most of the episodes are absolutely bonkers.Creator's File Gold Review: Netflix Brings Some Crazy Comedy!