Netflix’s Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy Review: A Crack Epidemic That Was Politicized and Exploited!

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Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy premiered on 11th January 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Stanley Nelson, the 89-minute-long documentary film takes into account the crack epidemic that arose in the early 1980s making it difficult for all to live safely. The series features neuroscientist, former users and dealers, political experts, and others in order to shed light on a time of mental high and humanitarian low. The tiny vials with a small amount of Crack caused more and more distress.

From Cocaine to Crack

Drugs have been an issue of debate, death, and distress for a long time. While the substance with itself brings a high that has the ability to transport you to a different plain altogether, it also has the power to bring bloodshed and loss. The found reason as to why an individual does drugs is escapism (mostly) and a chase to the first mental high ever achieved which surprisingly never happens again.

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Unlike drug-related series and film, Crack does not aim to give you big accounts in the history of the drug but rather it takes you deeper in the times with the help of former addicts and dealer, and neuroscientists who tell you the scientific reason you would need to understand and progress and people formerly associated with political campaigns that will tell you how the issue was politicized and handled. The film walks a smooth and interesting road and again brings to light the number of racial disparities this time brought with itself.

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy

While 2/3rd of the users were white American folks, the jails were filled with people of colour and once again, skin colour won over the judiciary and laws. Crack does not pose a colourful imagery of the times but rather it uses the advantage of hindsight to tell its viewers how a concoction of elite folks turned into a nightmare and was available on every street corner in whatever amount desired and for the lowest of rates possible. And more than substance abuse, the entire matter of Crack turned into a lethal weapon for the government and media to target communities it was already ravaging.

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The film speaks a history of manipulation, exploitation and cultural bias that was no mystery before and has continued more insidiously ever since; to a society irrevocably changed. It was the time when babies born were called ‘crack-babies’ as their parents were a victim to drug abuse and as if it was their fault when children planned their own funerals and when every parent was hurt and distressed and a small quantity of crack sold in a vial reminded society that the system condemned its people and couldn’t care less about it.

Stream It or Skip It

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy

STREAM IT! Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy is an informative and engaging film. The film does not bring you colourful animations that take the subject matter lightly but present facts, experts, and brings people on ground back then together for a film worth watching.

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Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy is now streaming on Netflix.

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Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, And Conspiracy takes you back to the early 1980s when crack drug became a street name and an epidemic.

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