Conversations With Friends Ending Explained: Do Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver End Up Together?

Conversations with Friends on Hulu might not have been as impactful as Sally Rooney’s Normal People yet the series tried its best to replicate the essence that Normal People created and, left viewers with a bittersweet ending. Based on Sally Rooney’s debut novel of the same name, the show is developed by Element Pictures. It stars Alison Oliver as Frances, Sasha Lane as Bobbi Connolly, Joe Alwyn as Nick Conway and Jemima Kirke as Melissa Conway in major roles. Consisting of 12 episodes, the runtime for each episode is not more than 25-30 minutes making it a perfect binge-worthy companion.

Set against the backdrop of Dublin, Conversations with Friends follows the story of Frances, who inevitably becomes attracted to a married actor Nick Conway, the trajectory of their relationship and how it all reaps results and consequences. We see Nick, who is married to Melissa, reciprocate Frances’ feelings and it is not long before we see Frances and Nick entangled in an illicit affair. This causes a rift between not only Melissa and Nick but, also Frances and Bobbi, who happens to be Frances’ best friend as well as ex-partner. But, what happens at the end? Do Nick and Frances stay together or fall apart? Well, this is the place where you find out.

Conversations with Friends: Do Nick and Frances End Up Together?

The short and sweet answer is that it is left to your own interpretation. Although Nick and Frances are overwhelmed with love for one another, it is not long before they call it quits. By the end of the series, we get to see Melissa and Bobbi getting to know about Nick and Frances’ relationship. Melissa being the mature and accepting one, even lets it continue under her nose even though she is taken aback by both the characters’ betrayal. This makes way for Melissa and Nick to talk more openly about their marriage as well as Nick’s depression bringing them closer. And, it isn’t long before the two rekindle their romance and start sleeping together even.

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As for Frances, we see her getting diagnosed with endometriosis which also happens to be the same day Nick comes clean about his progressing relationship with Melissa while he is still seeing Frances. Heartbroken with two extremely upset news in her life, she ends things with Nick. However, she patches things up with Bobbi later, with who she had grown apart.

However, when things seem to go just right with Frances’ life, she gets an accidental phone call from Nick that seemingly sets things in motion between them once again. But, do they get back together? Well, we never find out.

Conversations with Friends Trailer

You can watch all the episodes of Conversations with Friends now streaming on Hulu. To read our review for the same, click here.

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    • Hey, we are never conclusively told if they do get back together or not. It is more left to our interpretation.

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